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250 Physical Verbs in English and Chinese

I’ve always wanted to compile a list of verbs in English and Chinese that involve physical actions, as I believe these are some of the trickiest types of vocabulary to master. They’re tricky because, although they’re the kind of things we do on a daily basis, we rarely think about how to express them clearly […]

Vocabulary for the NAATI Professional Interpreting Examination (English and Chinese)

As I just took my NAATI Professional Interpreting Exam (NAATI三級口譯考試) last week, I thought I’d share with you the vocabulary that I have collected over the past year in preparing for it. There are ten glossaries in total, each with 30 words in total, including: 30 Legal Terms in English and Chinese 30 Medical Terms […]

An Introduction to Criminal Law Terms in English and Chinese (+ Glossary)

The following is an introduction to commonly used terms in criminal law (刑法) that I’ve collected over the years of translating and teaching interpreting. The focus is mainly on vocabulary common in Australian and British law. At the end of this post is a glossary of all the terms mentioned (150 in total!) Disclaimer: I […]

Mandarin-English Dialogue #30 – Neighbourhood Dispute

Briefing You have been called to interpret for Mrs Lai, a Mandarin-speaking woman, who has come into the office of Mr Wilkinson, a mediator. Mrs Lai is currently involved in a dispute with her neighbour and is seeking to resolve it by means of mediation.   Listen to Dialogue Mandarin-English Dialogue #30 – Neighbourhood Dispute

Mandarin-English Dialogue #28 – Burglary Tip-off

Briefing A Mandarin-speaking woman has telephoned Crime Stoppers to report a crime currently being committed outside her residence.   Listen to Dialogue Mandarin-English Dialogue #28 – Burglary Tip-off

Mandarin-English Dialogue #24 – Murder Investigation

Briefing The following is a police interview with a suspect who was arrested on suspicion of murder. The suspect is Mr Shuang, a Mandarin-speaking man, and the interview is being conducted by Inspector Plod at St Kilda police station.   Listen to Dialogue Mandarin-English Dialogue #24 – Murder Investigation

Mandarin-English Dialogue #23 – Common Assault

Briefing A Mandarin-speaking man, Mr Yan, has been charged with common assault. He is being visited in custody by an English-speaking lawyer named Mr Hampton. This is the first time the accused has sought legal advice about the offence he has been charged with.   Listen to Dialogue Mandarin-English Dialogue #23 – Common Assault

Mandarin-English Dialogue #22 – Domestic Violence Support

Briefing Susan, a Mandarin-speaking woman, has made an appointment with a support worker at the Women and Children Support Centre in Melbourne. She wishes to discuss issues she been facing with her husband at home.   Listen to Dialogue Mandarin-English Dialogue #22 – Domestic Violence Support

Interpreting Speech #6 – Sentencing Options (English-into-Mandarin)

Briefing A criminal law professor is giving a speech for a visiting delegation from China about the sentencing options available to judges in Australian courts.   Listen to speech Interpreting Speech #6 – Sentencing Options (English-into-Mandarin)

Mandarin-English Dialogue #19 – Suspicious Fire

Briefing Mrs Liu, a Mandarin-speaking woman, has been called in to take an interview with Victoria Police regarding a fire that broke out at her workplace, Chaochao Grocery, in Richmond.   Listen to Dialogue Mandarin-English Dialogue #19 – Suspicious Fire