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Vocabulary for the NAATI Professional Interpreting Examination (English and Chinese)

As I just took my NAATI Professional Interpreting Exam (NAATI三級口譯考試) last week, I thought I’d share with you the vocabulary that I have collected over the past year in preparing for it. There are ten glossaries in total, each with 30 words in total, including: 30 Legal Terms in English and Chinese 30 Medical Terms […]

An Introduction to Criminal Law Terms in English and Chinese (+ Glossary)

The following is an introduction to commonly used terms in criminal law (刑法) that I’ve collected over the years of translating and teaching interpreting. The focus is mainly on vocabulary common in Australian and British law. At the end of this post is a glossary of all the terms mentioned (150 in total!) Disclaimer: I […]

135 Personalities in Mandarin and English

100 Personalities in Mandarin with English Translations 乐观 lèguān – optimistic 悲观 bēiguān – pessimistic 内向 nèixiàng – introverted 外向 wàixiàng – extroverted 自信 zìxìn – self-confident 豁达 huòdá – 1. optimistic 2. open-minded 风趣 fēngqù – witty 忠诚 zhōngchéng – loyal 谨慎 jǐnshèn – cautious 耿直 gěngzhí – honest and just

375 Diseases, Disabilities and Disorders in English and Chinese

Since I kept having to add more and more diseases to 110 Diseases, Disabilities and Disorders in English and Chinese, I thought I’d make a separate post with 100 or so more diseases for readers who want a more comprehensive glossary. Enjoy!   375 Diseases, Disabilities and Disorders in English and Chinese Acne: 痤疮;挫疮;粉刺;青春痘 Addiction: […]

Modern Weapon Vocabulary in English and Chinese

I’ve compiled here a list of the most common modern weapon vocabulary in English, along with their corresponding translations in Mandarin. This may be useful in boosting your defense-related vocabulary which comes up often in news articles and creative writing.   Modern Weapon Vocabulary in English and Chinese air gun: 汽枪 ammunition: 弹药 anti-aircraft: 高射的 […]

12 Illicit Drugs in English and Chinese

The following is a list I’ve collected of the most common illicit drugs in the West, including both the English names, and Chinese translations and pinyin. This collection should be useful for translating and interpreting students practicing in legal, police and medical contexts. I would recommend you learn all of this vocabulary if you want […]

49 Trades, Crafts and Occupations in English and Chinese

The following is a glossary of trades (手艺), crafts (工艺) and occupations (职业) in English and Chinese. Basically it’s a run-down of the most common courses you can study at TAFE (or any technical college around the world). The name of the trade/occupation is provided, along with the position title. Professions (e.g. law, medicine, accounting, […]

Essential Disability Vocabulary in English and Mandarin

Today’s topic is disabilities, and Bo and I have presented here a pretty good outline of the most important vocabulary items you’ll need in interpreting in disability contexts. If you have any additions please let me know in the comments section!

83 Common Criminal Offences in English and Chinese

Note that this is not an official list and that different countries have different names for different offences. Even in Australia, laws and technical terms in courts and legislation differ considerably from state to state, so none of these criminal charges can be considered official titles. Bearing this mind, this list should only be a […]

110 Diseases, Disabilities and Disorders in English and Chinese

This is the sequel to my previous post 66 Common Symptoms in English and Chinese (which has now grown to 102!). This glossary includes all common infectious diseases, disorders, disabilities, chromosomal abnormalities, neurodegenerative disorders, mental disorders, phobias, and so on. Some entries include the formal medical titles, former names and colloquialisms in brackets. Hope you […]