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第五集——英语种类 在中国大陆吗?也可以通过哔哩哔哩观看。 第六集——同物异名 在中国大陆吗?也可以通过哔哩哔哩观看。 第七集——搭配冲突 在中国大陆吗?也可以通过哔哩哔哩观看。 第八集——拼写错误 在中国大陆吗?也可以通过哔哩哔哩观看。

250 Physical Verbs in English and Chinese

I’ve always wanted to compile a list of verbs in English and Chinese that involve physical actions, as I believe these are some of the trickiest types of vocabulary to master. They’re tricky because, although they’re the kind of things we do on a daily basis, we rarely think about how to express them clearly […]

Verb-Object Collocations in Chinese

Both students of Chinese and English alike have probably heard of the term “collocation” (固定搭配), the idea that certain words are more commonly used together than others. What we’re essentially talking about is a relatively “fixed” combination of two or more words. It does not seem terribly difficult to come up with collocations in English. […]