Interpreting Speech #14 – Combatting Cyber Crime (Mandarin-into-English)


You have been engaged to interpret at an information technology conference in Shenzhen, China. A Chinese-speaking presenter has just begun a talk entitled, “New Challenges in Combatting Cyber Crime”.

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Interpreting Speech #14 – Combatting Cyber Crime (Mandarin-into-English)

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这几年,网络直播很火,唱歌跳舞讲故事,不少人没事就打开来看看。最近,有一种直播答题也很火,据说有的一场答题能有两三百万人参与。Live streaming has become very popular over the past few years. Some streamers sing, some dance, others tell stories. Many people like to watch them in their spare time. Recently, a particular kind of Q&A livestream program has been in vogue, with one apparently attracting two to three million participants.

截至2017年年底,全国网络直播用户达4.22亿,超过网民总数的一半;提供互联网直播平台服务的企业达到数百家,市场营收超过300亿元。但是,在这些行业快速发展的同时,也出现了各种严重的问题。By the end of 2017 there were 422 million livestream users nationwide, accounting for more than half of the total number of Internet users. There are hundreds of businesses that provide Internet livestream platforms, with total market revenue exceeding 30 billion RMB. However, while the industry is witnessing rapid growth, a number of serious issues have emerged.

在一些网络直播平台上,直播内容不堪入目。比如,主播在直播中裸露身体敏感部位,或者是主播赤裸裸地色情表演。Some livestream platforms broadcast explicit content. For example, the hosts may expose themselves or put on an erotic performance.

这些主播常常在表演之后引导会员对其进行打赏,打赏达到一定金额之后,就把这些会员拉入专门的直播包间或者微信群等,在这里面就开始涉黄表演。因为涉嫌传播淫秽物品牟利罪,这些主播的平台企业负责人和表演人员全部被警方抓获。After their performance, the hosts may encourage members to tip them. Once these tips reach a certain amount of money, the hosts then add the members to a streaming room or WeChat group specially made for the purposes of providing an erotic performance. The people responsible for these platforms, as well as the performers themselves, are then arrested by the police for profiting from the propagation of obscene material.

仅2017年全年查办了利用网络直播平台,传播淫秽色情信息牟利的刑事案件22起。除了涉嫌犯罪的淫秽色情表演现象之外,网络直播当中还有大量的诸如语言挑逗、表演低俗、恶俗的现象。In 2017 alone, 22 cases of using livestreaming platforms to profit from the propagation of obscene material were investigated. Provocative language, vulgar performances and vile behaviour are also commonly seen on these platforms.

有的网络直播还充斥着各种污七八糟的内容,比如有直播抽烟的、有吃蟑螂的、有非法营销卖珠宝的。Some livestreaming platforms feature a wide range of undesirable content, like smoking, eating cockroaches and illegal marketing and selling of jewellery.

这些网络直播当中的乱象对社会危害极大,而且有的已经涉嫌犯罪,为什么这些直播平台和主播非要这样铤而走险呢?说到底还是为了吸引眼球、吸引流量,最后变现,以获得经济利益。Since this kind of chaotic behaviour on livestreaming platforms is extremely harmful to society, and some of it is even unlawful, why do these platforms and hosts take such reckless actions? Ultimately, their aim is to attract public attention, gain large amounts of traffic, and convert their tips into cash so they may derive financial benefits.

我想在借鉴各国先进经验的基础上不断完善我们的法律体系的设置,不断提升政府监管水平,也能够不断去强化企业主体责任落实,这样形成政府、企业和社会共同打造清朗网络空间,这是我们的最终目的。I believe that, by learning from the experiences of various countries around the world, we can constantly make improvements to our legal system, enhance our government’s supervisory capacity, and strengthen corporate responsibility. In this way, governments, businesses and society can work together to develop a safe online space. This is our ultimate goal.

那些违法违规、低俗的网络直播,会污染网络环境,危害网民尤其是未成年人的身心健康,产生恶劣的社会影响。网络空间不能是藏污纳垢之地,更不应该是法外之地。Livestreamers that violate regulations, break the law or exhibit vulgar behaviour contaminate our online environment and have a negative effect on the physical and emotional well-being of Internet users, and especially minors. The Internet should neither be a safe space for wrongdoers, nor a place of lawlessness.

近期,有关部门将进一步开展集中整治行动,铲除网络垃圾。政府和企业各负其责,全社会共同努力,形成良好的网络生态,网络空间才能天朗气清。谢谢大家。In the near future, the government will take action to crack down on these platforms. Governments and businesses will each assume their responsibility, and people in society at large will work together to build a better online system. Only in this way can we ensure users enjoy a safe space online. Thank you.

Adapted for educational purposes from the episode 重拳打击网络乱象 on the Chinese current affairs program 焦点访谈.

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