Interpreting Speech #16 – Public Legal Services in China (Mandarin-into-English)


You have accepted an assignment to interpret at a conference in Chengdu, China. One of the speakers is giving a keynote address on the topic “Public Legal Services in China”.

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Interpreting Speech #16 – Public Legal Services in China (Mandarin-into-English)

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尊敬的嘉宾,在场的观众,各位法律界朋友们,很荣幸有机会给大家做“中国法律发展”的主旨演讲。近年来,中国的法律体系不断完善,依法治国方略全面落实,中国正沿着中国特色法治道路稳步前行。这一点国际社会有目共睹。Dear guests, delegates, and friends in the legal profession, it is a great honor for me to be here to talk about the development of the law in China. In recent years, the law in China has continuously been improved, law-based governance has been thoroughly implemented, and China is moving steadily along the path of rule of law with Chinese characteristics. This point is obvious to all in the international community.

细节反映大局。通过细微的点滴,可以窥测中国在法律方面的进步。今天我想跟大家探讨的是中国公共法律服务。公共法律服务的重要性毋庸置疑,通过公共法律服务,我们可以及时预防和化解社会矛盾,提高社会治理能力。You can see how much progress China’s legal system has made by examining the details of this development. Today I want to talk about public legal services available in China. The importance of public legal services is undeniable as they allow us to prevent and resolve social conflicts, and improve our social governance capabilities.

12348中国公共法律服务网被形象地称为“中国社会的保健医生”。公民在日常生活中碰到的各种各样涉及到法律的事情,都能通过它,一键求助。目前全国多个省市已经建立起了12348法律服务热线平台这样通过电话立刻就可以得到服务的便捷方式。China’s public legal services website 12348 is also known as “the Health Care Physician of Chinese Society”. People living in China who encounter any kind of legal problem can find assistance on this platform at the click of a button. Many provinces in China have built platforms like 12348 which provide fast and convenient hotlines for legal assistance.

12348法律服务热线,是原先司法机关为群众提供法律援助的热线电话,随着近年来老百姓对法律服务的需求越加广泛,全国很多地方把相关的法律咨询、律师服务、司法鉴定等司法资源整合为12348服务平台,为老百姓解决身边的法律问题。12348 is a hotline which provides assistance for legal issues. It once was a hotline set up by the judicial authorities that provided legal aid to the public. However, as the need for public legal services increased, many provinces and cities changed the hotline into a platform that could solve legal problems for the public by providing judicial resources such as legal advice, lawyers and judicial authentication.

除了12348法律服务热线,近年来利用微信群这一平台为老百姓提供法律咨询服务也成为一种趋势,创立微信群的目的在于为老百姓提供法律咨询、收集法律纠纷、解决法律纷争。微信群使用率高,方便快捷,有问题@群里司法工作者,马上就可以得到帮助。Apart from 12348, in recent years we have also seen the trend of providing legal services for the public through WeChat groups. Its purpose is to provide legal advice, collect information about legal disputes, and solve them. Many people use WeChat groups. They are very convenient, because all users have to do if they have a problem is “at” (@) a judicial officer and they are able to receive prompt assistance.

目前,法律服务微信群不仅在江苏,广东、天津等地也开始推广。这样的公共法律服务形式对群众来说非常方便,易于操作、接受。除此之外,近年来各地还利用网络搭建起12348公共法律服务网,网页设计简洁明了,给老百姓的生活带来极大便利。Currently, WeChat groups providing legal services have been launched in the provinces of Jiangsu, Guangdong and Tianjin. This kind of public legal service is convenient and easy-to-use. In addition, many provinces have established 12348 public legal service websites that are simple and easy to access.

无论是被称作法律服务“4S”店的各级公共法律服务中心,还是12348法律热线平台,亦或各种利用网络构建起的服务平台。形式虽然不同,但都是整合整个公共法律服务的各种职能和力量,为群众提供更贴身的服务。Whether we are talking about public legal service centres at different levels, also known as “4S stores”, or 12348 legal service hotlines, or various other kinds of online service platforms, we should remember that, though they differ in format, they all integrate strengths from different aspects of the whole legal service platform into one to offer better services to the public.

按照要求,到2018年底,12348法律服务热线要在全国实现全覆盖,每一个村都要有至少一名法律顾问或者专业人员。通过这种覆盖线上线下的服务体系,民众在法律援助方面将会得到更专业、更精准、更便捷的法律服务。According to the requirements, by the end of 2018, 12348 legal hotline services will be available nationwide, and every village will have at least one legal advisor or practitioner. This kind of service system, which covers both online and offline avenues, will provide more professional, accurate and convenient legal services to the public.

多个方面表明,中国公共法律服务日臻完善。利用现代科技,结合中国国情,借鉴外国经验,中国正稳步驶向法治国家的轨道。我相信,今后的中国,在法律体系的建设上一定会迈向更为坚实的一步,不辜负中国人民的期望,同时令世界刮目相看。From multiple perspectives we can see that public legal services in China are getting better with each passing day. By using modern technology, and integrating national conditions with the experiences of other countries, China is making its way steadily towards a rule of law system. I believe that, in the future, China will surely take a more solid step in the construction of its legal system, and live up to the expectations of the Chinese people. This will ultimately make the world look at China with fresh eyes.

Adapted for educational purposes from this CCTV report.

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