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How to Remember all of China’s Provinces 如何记住中国的所有省份

Today I will be sharing with you a useful way to memorize all of the provinces of China.今天我想跟大家分享一个方法,让你能够记住中国的所有省份。 在中国大陆吗?可以在哔哩哔哩上观看。

Useful Sentence Structures for Chinese Academic Writing

More sentences will be added as they are conceived. [Note that 本章 (this chapter) can be replaced with 本文 (this article/paper), 本研究 (this research), 该调查 (this study), or any other subject as you so desire.] 本章概述X的研究状况,指出Y。This chapter is an overview of the state of research for X, and points out Y. 本章对X研究进行梳理。This chapter presents an […]

Another 12 Common Errors in Chinese English Dictionaries

Here’s another 12 mistakes you might find in Chinese English dictionaries. The first blog I wrote on this topic can found here. 这篇文章是我另外收集的12个中英字典中常见错误。我写的第一篇相同题目的博客,可以在这里读到。   Please note that I have not included in these posts “standard” or “fixed” English translations of Chinese words that are frowned upon by native speakers of English. Take, for example, the […]

35 Common False Friends in Chinese and Japanese

Here’s some good examples I’ve collected of false friends in Chinese and Japanese – that is, words that are used by the two languages but have different meanings. There are of course many more than the ones I managed to come up with – if you know of any, please leave them in the comments. […]

Cultural Differences Between Chinese and Westerners: Part 1

Cultural Differences Between Chinese and Westerners: Part 1 浅谈中西文化差异(上)   During the last century, contact between Chinese and Westerners was relatively limited, and both people knew little about the other. Now we have more opportunities than ever for exchange. With that, however, comes a need for greater understanding of cultural differences. Today I’d like to […]

Top 12 Errors in Chinese English Dictionaries

Top 12 Errors in Chinese English Dictionaries 中英字典中的12个最常见错误 One of the challenges that Chinese learners of English face is being misled by Chinese English dictionaries, especially online ones. The following is a list of the 12 most common errors I have come across in my translating and teaching work. 学习英文的中国人面临的挑战之一是中英字典的误导,特别是在线的字典。以下是我在翻译和教学过程中遇到的12个最常见的错误。

Chinese Dictation Practice #1

Inspired after my recent post Top 500 Chinese Characters (and How to Write Them), I thought I’d create a dictation practice mp3 for those out there who want more practice writing and recalling Chinese characters. Chinese Dictation Practice #1 Chinese Dictation Practice #1 (Answers) Exercise: Listen to the recording, and write out the Chinese words […]

Top 500 Chinese Characters (and How to Write Them)

I created this because a) I’m sick of memorising Chinese characters the old-fashioned way; and b) I’m obsessed with collecting Chinese radicals and components. If you’re looking for a systematic way to learn how to memorise all of the common Chinese characters, you’re in the right place. Nothing like this collection exists anywhere else – […]

33 Funny Words in Chinese

Let’s try something a bit lighter today. Here’s 33 words in Chinese I’ve collected over the years that I think are pretty funny when translated literally. Some of them also reveal a little bit about Chinese culture and thinking. Enjoy! 33 Funny Words in Chinese A computer is an “electric brain” (电脑). A cactus is […]

40 Terms Commonly Used in Chinese Academic Writing

The following is a collection of 40 terms that I have come across while reading Chinese academic writing such as papers, reports, theses, etc. I think this list will be very useful for any Westerner coming to China to study a Chinese-taught programme, but it can also be used by Chinese wishing to improve their […]