Mandarin-English Dialogue #28 – Burglary Tip-off


A Mandarin-speaking woman has telephoned Crime Stoppers to report a crime currently being committed outside her residence.


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Mandarin-English Dialogue #28 – Burglary Tip-off


Transcript and reference translation

Crime Stoppers: Crime Stoppers. How can I help you? (这里是罪案举报热线。有什么能帮您的?)

Woman: 我要报案,是入室行窃。我从我卧室的窗户能看到三个人。他们闯入了我邻居的家里。[I’d like to report a crime, a burglary. I can see three people out of my bedroom window. They’ve broken into my neighbour’s house.]

Crime Stoppers: What’s the address? I can send out a squad car immediately. (请问地址是什么?我将立即派出一辆警车。)

Woman: 78号,滑铁卢街,马斯菲尔德区。他们用一根撬棍,从我邻居的地下室窗户进去的。现在他们正在搬架子鼓,电子琴和贝斯吉他,然后往一个面包车里边装。[It’s 78 Waterloo St, Marsfield. They’re broken through my neighbour’s basement window with a crowbar. Right now they are carrying out his drum-kit, keyboard and bass guitar and loading them into a van.]

Crime Stoppers: Could you describe their appearance to me? Can you make out the license plate of the vehicle? Any details you can provide will be of great assistance to the police. (您能描述一下他们的长相吗?能辨认出车牌号吗?任何细节对警方而言都是极大的帮助。)

Woman: 我正在用望远镜看着呢。他们是白人,男的,都在一米八以上。他们穿的都是牛仔裤,黑色的帽衫,白色的跑鞋。一个人是秃头,鹰钩鼻子,其余的都是短头发,金色的。[I can see through my binoculars now. They’re white, male, all over 180 centimetres tall. They’re all wearing jeans, black hoodies and white runners. One is bald, with a Roman nose, the others have short blond hair.]


面包车是白色的。我能看见有一面上有铁锈。从这个角度我看不清楚牌照,而且天色太暗了。我看到驾驶座上还有个男的在抽烟。[The van is white. I can see it has rust on the side of it. I can’t make out the license plate from this angle, and it’s too dark anyway. I can see another man in the driver’s seat smoking.]

Crime Stoppers: OK. Stay where you are. There’s no need to go outside. The police should arrive in the next five minutes. Is there any more information you can give me? (好的,请呆在原地。不要出去。警车5分钟之内就会到。还有什么信息可以提供的吗?)

Woman: 我觉得他们肯定早就来踩过点儿,因为他们看起来很有组织性。我希望警察能马上来,不然他们就把房子里的东西全拿出去啦!我还看见他们在搬我邻居的音响,和垃圾袋,里边的贵重物品都掉出来了。[I think they must have cased the joint beforehand because they seem very organised. I hope the cops arrive soon, or they’ll have taken everything out of his house!  I can see them carrying out my neighbour’s hi-fi system and garbage bags overflowing with his valuables.]

Crime Stoppers: Don’t worry they’ll be there soon. What’s your neighbour’s name and do you know where he is right now? (请不要担心,他们很快就到。您的邻居叫什么名字?他现在在哪里?)

Woman: 他的名字是维克多•郎格磊。他现在正在阿联酋的迪拜度假。他让我在他离开这段时间帮他收邮件和喂猫。他要到下个星期二才能回来。[His name is Victor Langley. He’s on holiday in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, at the moment. He asked me to pick up his mail for him and feed his cat while he’s away. He won’t be back until next Tuesday.]

Crime Stoppers: OK. If you’d like to remain anonymous you may, but if you are willing to give us your name it may help the police a lot with their enquiries. (好的。如果您希望匿名举报的话,是没有问题的。如果您愿意说出您的姓名,对警方的侦查是很有帮助的。)

Woman: 我不介意。我的名字是郭晶晶。我在76号住了15年啦,但从来都没遇到入室盗窃过。一直以来这条街都还是挺安全的,但是出了这事,以后我晚上出门就得多考虑一下了。[I don’t mind. My name is Guo Jingjing. I’ve lived here at No. 76 for 15 years but I’ve never been burgled. It’s always been such a safe street but after this incident I’ll think twice before stepping outside at night.]

Crime Stoppers: I know that street, there’s a local Neighbourhood Watch centre nearby. I can put you in touch with them later if you are concerned about your safety. Every neighbourhood is prone to be burgled from time to time, it’s certainly nothing to be worried about. (我知道那条街。在附近就有一个邻里守望中心。如果您对您的安全有所担心的话,我可以给您联系一下他们。每一个社区有时不免会发生入室盗窃案,请不要过于担心。)

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