Mandarin-English Dialogue #14 – Recruitment Agency


This is a dialogue between a Mandarin-speaking woman, Ms Luo, and Mr Longman, the CEO of Longman Staffing Services. Ms Luo represents a Chinese media company that is interested in engaging Longman’s recruiting services.


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Mandarin-English Dialogue #14 – Recruitment Agency


Luo: 下午好,朗文先生,很高兴见到你。[Good afternoon, Mr Longman. Pleased to meet you.]

Longman: Thank you very much. Please take a seat. My secretary told me that your company in China is interested in hiring us to do your recruiting overseas? [非常感谢。请坐。我的秘书告诉我您在中国的公司有兴趣雇佣我们来做海外招聘?]

Luo: 谢谢,是的,我为中国传媒巨头之一的红鹰交流公司作代表。我们的招聘需求量相当大,明年可能会更多,而这取决于公司如何发展。[Thank you. Yes. I represent Red Eagle Communications, one of the largest media companies in China. Our recruiting requirements are quite big, and will continue to grow over the next year due to how our company is evolving.]

Longman: Ah yes. I read the English version of the company profile you sent through last week. Your company seems to be going through quite a transformation. [啊是的。我读了你上周寄来的公司概况的英文版本。你们公司看起来正在进行比较大的转型啊?]

Luo: 的确,我们公司正面临一次重组。通常我们人力资源部门会负责非中国地区招聘工作,但这回我们想外包一次。[Indeed. Our company is going through a major restructuring. Usually our human resources division handles all our recruiting outside of China, but we are now looking to outsource it.]

Longman: Well let me say you’ve made a wise choice. [嗯,我要说你们做了英明的选择。]

Luo: 我们希望如此。对澳大利亚猎头公司进行了一番研究后,我们找到了你们公司。你们公司的市场占有率看起来很高。事实上,你们应该是行业龙头老大了吧。[We hope so. We found your company after we did some research on headhunting companies in Australia. Your market share seems fairly high. In fact, you seem to be the leader in your field.] 

Longman: That’s great to hear. I’m also proud of the achievements we have made. Recruiting in-house can be expensive but my company can save you time and money. [很高兴听到这个,我也很自豪我们取得的成就。公司内部自行招聘会很贵,但我们公司会为你节省时间和金钱。]

Luo: 能具体说说你们提供什么服务吗?[What kind of services do you provide, specifically?]

Longman: We handle the whole recruiting process – from resumes, to cover letters, to organising all the job interviews. We can also help you with writing position descriptions, as well as checking candidates’ references. [我们处理整个的招聘过程 – 从简历,到求职信,到安排所有的面试。我们还可以帮你们写职位描述,以及做应聘者的参考人调查。]

Luo: 我懂了,我要做点记录,因为我可能有几个问题想请教您。[I see. I’m going to start to take some notes, as I have a few questions I’d like to ask.]

Longman: Please, go ahead, I’m all ears. [您请便。我洗耳恭听]

Luo: 能不能麻烦您先和我说说贵公司专营于哪些业务好吗?[Could you start by telling me what areas your company specialises in?]

Longman: Well, we recruit across all industries, but we have four specialist divisions. The first one is Professional Business Support. The second one is Accounting & Finance. The third, Sales & Marketing. And, lastly, we have the Government & Industry division. [嗯,我们招聘涉及各种行业,但是我们有四个专业部门。第一个是专业业务支持。第二个是会计和金融。第三个是销售和营销。还有,最后一个,我们有政府和行业部。]

Luo: 嗯,销售和营销是我们特别关注的。鉴于我们在东南亚分支越开越多,我们将需要更多有天赋有技能的人才。[Sales and marketing is of particular concern for us. As we continue to establish more branches in South East Asia we will need to find more people with the talent and skills we need.]

Harris: Well, we use various internet resources as well as print media to source high-quality candidates. On top of this, we have an extensive range of contacts in media industries all around the world. We also receive a large number of referrals from our existing clientele. [嗯,我们使用各种互联网资源以及印刷媒体去寻找高素质的候选人。除此之外,我们在媒体行业有遍及全球的丰富的联络人资源。]

Luo: 那你们一般收不收广告费呢?[Do you normally charge for advertising?]

Longman: No. We do not charge for advertising. In fact, we can often fill your position without the need for any kind of advertising. However should you wish to do any kind of special advertising we can negotiate competitive rates with advertisers. [不,我们不收取广告费。实际上,我们经常不需要广告就帮你补充到职位空缺.但是如果你希望做任何形式的特别广告的话,我们可以跟广告商磋商有竞争力的价格。]

Luo: 那么,一般面试一名应聘者,你们要花多久? [So, how long do you spend interviewing candidates?]

Harris: The average interview takes approximately 45 minutes, but this can differ depending on the role the candidate is being interviewed for. [面试通常约45分钟,但是这个会随着应聘者应聘的职位而变化。]

Luo: 如果应聘者不能适应岗位怎么办呢? [What happens if the candidate is not suitable for the position?]

Harris: Well, if a candidate does not work out – for whatever reason within their probationary period – we can refill the role free of charge. [嗯,如果应聘者不行的话-在试用期间无论什么原因, 我们都会免费重新补充职位。]

Luo: 恩,听上去不错,谢谢您今天接待我。今晚我将会向我中国的上级汇报,之后明天早晨我会把我们公司这个月的招聘需求交给你。[Hmm, that sounds reasonable. Thank you again for receiving me today. I will talk with my superiors in China tonight and tomorrow morning I will send you information about the recruiting requirements our company has for this month.]

Harris: No worries. I look forward to helping you with any human resource enquiries you might have. [好的,我期待着帮助您可能有的任何人力资源上的问题。]

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