Interpreting Speech #17 – Policing the Dark Web (English-into-Mandarin)


During your work as a freelance interpreter in the United States, you have accepted an assignment to interpret for a delegation from China who are visiting a law enforcement agency. During this particular speech, the speaker will explain to the Chinese delegation the legal issues associated with the dark web.

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Interpreting Speech #17 – Policing the Dark Web (English-into-Mandarin)

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If you want to buy someone’s private data, it’s easy to do. It’s all there for sale on the dark web, the completely anonymous version of the World Wide Web. 如果你想购买某人的私人信息,这很容易做到,这些全在暗网上。暗网是完全匿名版的万维网。

The dark web is “dark” because the sites on it cannot be found by web browsers such as Google. That makes it hard for ordinary people, and law enforcement, to find specific websites. 暗网之所以“暗”,是因为它无法被谷歌等浏览器搜到。这使得普通人和执法部门很难找到具体的网站。

It is true that this does create a free space where individuals can communicate without government interference. But it also allows for illicit activity, including the buying and selling of drugs, pornography and individuals’ private information. 诚然,这创造了一个自由的空间使得个人可以在没有政府干预的情况下进行交流。但它也允许非法活动的进行,包括买卖毒品、色情内容和个人隐私信息。

You may have heard of Silk Road, the infamous illegal drug marketplace. Though it was shut down by the FBI in 2013, this didn’t put an end to the dark web. The dark web is still active, and many of its websites are a significant threat to privacy and the economy. 你可能听过“丝路”这个臭名昭著的非法毒品交易市场。尽管它在2013年被联邦调查局查封,但这并没有终止暗网。暗网仍然活跃着,而且它的许多网站是对隐私和经济的重大威胁。

The government has tried to shut down the more disturbing parts of the dark web. In 2014, hundreds of domains were taken down and 17 people in several countries were arrested. However it may be impossible to eradicate it completely. 政府已经采取措施查封暗网最扰民的部分。2014年,数百个域名被封锁,而且在多个国家中有17人被捕。不过,可能无法彻底根除暗网。

Simply accessing the dark web is not a crime. Many legitimate companies have sites on the deep web to share information for employees only. 访问暗网本身不构成犯罪行为。很多合法的公司在深网上都有网站,仅为便于员工内部共享信息。

Moreover, people around the world use the dark web to carry out lawful protest and reform. In this way, the dark web can advance human creativity and protects human rights, including the right to free speech. 此外,世界各地的人们利用暗网进行合法的抗议和改革。这样,暗网可以促进人类的创造力,保护人权,包括言论自由权。

Instead of violating people’s privacy, the government should work to take down illegal sites on the dark web. As we’ve seen from the case against Silk Road, governments can work together to achieve this aim. 政府应该严厉取缔暗网上的非法网站,而不是侵犯人们的隐私。正如我们从“丝路”一案中看到的,各国政府可以共同努力实现这一目标。

The government has called for more resources to be spent on trying to stop drug sales on the dark web. That’s a good start. But we also need to stop the buying and selling of private data on the dark web. 政府已经呼吁投入更多的人力物力来阻止在暗网上的毒品销售。这就是个好的开端。但我们也需要停止在暗网上买卖个人信息。

We know that, without a hidden marketplace, it will be much harder for hackers to profit from their stolen goods, and that will benefit all of us. Thank you. 众所周知,如果没有这么一个隐蔽的市场,黑客很难从他们的赃物中获利,这样人人都能受益其中。谢谢。

Adapted for educational purposes from “The Dark Web Is Still A Huge, Difficult Problem” by Tim Sparapani for Forbes magazine.

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