Interpreting Speeches 口译演讲

Index of Interpreting Speeches

Title Language Direction
#1 Hospital Upgrades English-into-Mandarin Medical
#2 Victorian Parliament English-into-Mandarin Government/Politics
#3 Private Enterprises Mandarin-into-English Finance
#4 Autism English-into-Mandarin Education
#5 The World Is Changing Mandarin-into-English Economy/Society
#6 Sentencing Options English-into-Mandarin Legal
#7 Australia’s Ageing Population English-into-Mandarin Society/Government
#8 Travelling Abroad Mandarin-into-English Tourism
#9 Protecting Koalas English-into-Mandarin Environment
#10 Frankston City Council English-into-Mandarin Government
#11 Issues in the American Education System English-into-Mandarin Education
#12 Three Major Problems in the Chinese Education System Mandarin-into-English Education
#13 Just a GP? English-into-Mandarin Medical
#14 Combatting Cyber Crime Mandarin-into-English Legal
#15 GPs in China Mandarin-into-English Medical
#16 Public Legal Services in China Mandarin-into-English Legal
#17 Policing the Dark Web English-into-Mandarin Legal
#18 Blue Bays Program Mandarin-into-English Government/Environment
#19 Legal Aid in BC English-into-Mandarin Legal
#20 Achievements of China’s Space Program Mandarin-into-English Government
#21 Devaluation of the RMB Mandarin-into-English Finance
#22 Global Women’s Summit Mandarin-into-English Society/Development

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