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Mandarin-English Dialogue #28 – Burglary Tip-off

Briefing A Mandarin-speaking woman has telephoned Crime Stoppers to report a crime currently being committed outside her residence.   Listen to Dialogue Mandarin-English Dialogue #28 – Burglary Tip-off

Mandarin-English Dialogue #24 – Murder Investigation

Briefing The following is a police interview with a suspect who was arrested on suspicion of murder. The suspect is Mr Shuang, a Mandarin-speaking man, and the interview is being conducted by Inspector Plod at St Kilda police station.   Listen to Dialogue Mandarin-English Dialogue #24 – Murder Investigation

Mandarin-English Dialogue #23 – Common Assault

Briefing A Mandarin-speaking man, Mr Yan, has been charged with common assault. He is being visited in custody by an English-speaking lawyer named Mr Hampton. This is the first time the accused has sought legal advice about the offence he has been charged with.   Listen to Dialogue Mandarin-English Dialogue #23 – Common Assault

Mandarin-English Dialogue #19 – Suspicious Fire

Briefing Mrs Liu, a Mandarin-speaking woman, has been called in to take an interview with Victoria Police regarding a fire that broke out at her workplace, Chaochao Grocery, in Richmond.   Listen to Dialogue Mandarin-English Dialogue #19 – Suspicious Fire

Mandarin-English Dialogue #18 – Drug Possession

Briefing A drug possession charge has been brought against a Mandarin-speaking woman, Miss Wu, after a tip-off alerted police to a possible supplier operating from her residence. Wu is being interviewed by Police Constable Granger following the discovery of various controlled substances within her rented property in Fitzroy.   Listen to Dialogue Mandarin-English Dialogue #18 […]

Mandarin-English Dialogue #17 – Delinquent Juvenile

Briefing You have been called in at the last minute to interpret for your colleague who has been called away on a family emergency. Your interpreting assignment is at a local police station, where you will be interpreting for Mrs Zeng, a Mandarin-speaking woman, and an English-speaking constable. Zeng’s teenage son has been arrested and […]

Mandarin-English Dialogue #16 – Street Prostitution

Briefing This is an interview between Senior Constable O’Reilly and Miss Zhang, a Chinese-speaking woman at St Kilda Police Station. Zhang has been arrested and charged with street prostitution.   Listen to Dialogue Mandarin-English Dialogue #16 – Street Prostitution

Mandarin-English Dialogue #1 – Bank Robbery

This is the first dialogue that Michael, Leigh and I have created for Chinese interpreting students around the world. Not only can you listen to an mp3 recording to practice your interpreting and notetaking skills, but you can also refer to the transcript at the end of the exercise to check any new words. Enjoy! […]

12 Illicit Drugs in English and Chinese

The following is a list I’ve collected of the most common illicit drugs in the West, including both the English names, and Chinese translations and pinyin. This collection should be useful for translating and interpreting students practicing in legal, police and medical contexts. I would recommend you learn all of this vocabulary if you want […]