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24 Most Common Errors Committed by Chinese Students Who Major in Translation 翻译专业学生在汉译英中最常见的24个错误

24 Most Common Errors Committed by Chinese Students Who Major in Translation 翻译专业学生在汉译英中最常见的24个错误 by Carl Gene Fordham 傅君恺著 Note: This is just a rough guide that teachers and students of Chinese translation might find useful. There are of course more mistakes than this, but I am confident that this makes up the majority of errors […]

What We Can Learn from Yang Wen’s “Lost in Translation”

I rarely do book reviews on this blog (in fact I think this is the first one!), but after coming across Yang Wen’s Lost in Translation: Common Errors in Chinese-English Translation (LifeRich Publishing, 2016) I felt compelled to share some of the more interesting parts of the book that might be useful for students. Yang […]

120 Basic English Grammar Drills (120基础英语语法练习)

把这些简单的中文句子翻译成英语。 Translate these simple Chinese sentences into English. 不要在自己做翻译之前看参考答案! Do not look at the reference answers until you’ve had a try yourself!   120基础英语语法练习 120 Basic English Grammar Drills 医院旁边有一家餐厅。 今天学校里面有很多人。 上海有2400万人口。 三分之二的学生是女孩。 我们去不去取决于天气情况。 有人在厕所里。 有人认为读书无用。 有时候青年人对老人不尊重。 他被一帮年轻人攻击了。 我有一个好消息要告诉你。 他有一个建议要告诉你。 还有三个证据没提交给法庭。 有三个任务还没完成。 他的很多作品我都没读过。 他跟一些韩国公司做生意。 他经营了三家企业。 这些家具不是我的,但有三件是我老板的。 这些衣服不是我的,但有一件是我姐姐的。 那些行李在哪里?我好像把一件行李落在酒店里。 你喜欢吃面包吗?我今天烤了一个面包,你把它切成片吧。 三只羊和五头牛突然不见了。 警方宣称三位警员已经辞职了。 你说世界那么大,其实宇宙更大。 别的学生在哪里?他们不在教室里。 英国女王当然去过泰晤士河。 保险柜的钥匙丢了。 […]

Carl’s IELTS Essay Correction Glossary (卡尔的雅思写作修改必备词汇)

When Chinese students ask me the quickest way to improve their IELTS Writing score, I always tell them that personalised feedback is the most important thing. That, and the three Rs: Rewrite, Revise and Read – Rewrite your essays in accordance with the feedback you get; Revise everything that you learn; Read more articles that […]

14 Nouns That Are Countable in Chinese (But Not in English)

The following is a list of words that are countable in Chinese but not in English. I think this article will be beneficial for both learners of English and Chinese. Enjoy!   1. 信息 (news) Chinese example sentence: 我有个好消息要告诉你。 Literal translation: I have a good news to tell you. Idiomatic translation: I have some good […]

Verb-Object Collocations in Chinese

Both students of Chinese and English alike have probably heard of the term “collocation” (固定搭配), the idea that certain words are more commonly used together than others. What we’re essentially talking about is a relatively “fixed” combination of two or more words. It does not seem terribly difficult to come up with collocations in English. […]

Comprehensive Guide to Nouns Ending With 的 de

I don’t think you’ll find a list like this anywhere on the web, or in textbooks or grammar books. Indeed, I’ve read pretty much every major Chinese grammar textbook and do not remember seeing these nouns covered in any shape or form. So what is this post about? It’s a compilation of a very special […]

Avoiding Chinglish – Call for Essay Samples

Recently I have been working on a new project which I was hoping my Chinese students who are learning English could help me out with. I have been writing an e-book how about how to avoid writing Chinglish in formal English. The book will cover everything from grammar to style to high-quality vocabulary and structures. […]