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Random Word Trivia #7

And now, another round of the Random Word Trivia Quiz… Which of these can you guess the Chinese and English for? Answers are at the bottom!   1. You’re in class when all the sudden you lose your concentration. (verb) 2. Your hungry stomach is making some noises. (verb) 3. After you brush your teeth […]

Random Word Trivia #6 – Education

See how many of these random words you can guess the English and Chinese for! 1. You choose not to attend class. (verb) 2. You are a student who is always sucking up to the teacher. (noun) 3. You did something wrong. The teacher puts you in… (noun) 4. Your parents found out. They punish […]

Random Word Trivia Quiz #5

See how many of these random words you can guess the English and Chinese for!   1. A girl who acts or dresses like a boy. (noun) 2. The person you blame when something goes wrong, even if it’s not their fault. (noun) 3. A word used to describe food which makes you feel full […]

Random Word Trivia Quiz Part 4

With apologies – I think this is the most challenging one yet. But, by all means, have a go and see how many you can guess answers for!   1. When you want to cancel an appointment you have made with a friend. (verb) 2. You have an appointment in a few hours, but until […]

Cryptic Chinese Quiz

This week’s quiz is a cryptic (隐晦的含义) one. The following 14 words have been translated literally (character-by-character) from Chinese into English. Your challenge is to see if you can guess the original Chinese word, as well as the idiomatic English translation. You get double points if you can guess both languages. electric brain immortal palm […]

Random Word Trivia Quiz Part 3

Here’s another one – I’m on a roll! See how many you can get right – and you get bonus points if you can guess the translation into your second language.   1. You’re famous for doing bad things. (adjective) 2. You can hear the sound of people having sex. (noun) 3. You’re obsessed with […]

Random Word Trivia Quiz Part 2

Now let’s see how you go with Part 2 of the Random Word Trivia Quiz Translation Challenge. Remember, your goal is to guess both the English and Chinese expression for each question. You get double points if you can guess it in your second language!   1. Someone who stays inside home a lot, plays […]

Translation Challenge: Random Word Trivia Quiz

It’s random word trivia quiz time! See how many of these you can guess – one point for English, one point for Chinese.   1. You have dry skin on your hands after so many years of hard work. (noun) 2. The skin on your finger on the side of your nail is peeling back […]

Translation Challenge: 再别康桥 by 徐志摩

Today’s translation exercise is the poem 《再别康桥》 by 徐志摩 (Xu Zhimo). It has been recommended by Bo and I think it is a good choice since the language is tricky but not overly obscure or classical. All translations are welcome and, of course, I will give detailed feedback for all of them! A pinyin-annotated version […]

Translation Challenge: Household Chores

Today’s translation challenge is all about household chores: how many of these English and Chinese expressions can you translate naturally? Ten Common Household Chores (十个常见的家务活) 1. 洗衣服 2. dry your clothes 3. 熨烫衣服 4. fold your clothes 5. put your clothes away 6. take out the garbage 7. 洗碗 8. dry the dishes 9. 打扫卧室 […]