Simultaneous Interpreting Practice #6 – Online Police Report (English into Mandarin)


An English-speaking police officer is talking to a local, Mandarin-speaking community about how to make an online police report. You will be interpreting for him into Mandarin in real time.

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Simultaneous Interpreting Practice #6 – Online Police Report (English into Mandarin)

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Hi everyone. My name is Bob. And I’m very excited to be talking to you today about how to make an online police report. 大家好。我的名字叫鲍勃。我非常高兴能借此机会与大家分享如何在线上报警。

So with our new online police report system, you can tell us about any situation that doesn’t require our immediate assistance. 您可以通过我们新的线上报警系统报告任何无需我们立即协助的事情。

So you can use this system to report any non-emergency — so that’s a situation that doesn’t require the police, or the fire brigade, or an ambulance to attend. Or you can also get in touch if you would like some general advice or have some questions to ask us. 您可以通过这个系统报告任何非紧急情况,也就是任何无需警察、消防队或救护车处理的事情。如果您只是想获取一般建议或询问一些问题,也可以通过这个系统与我们联系。

In terms of the matters that you can report on the online system, there’s a list here. You can report: theft, lost property, property damage, stolen, damaged or abandoned vehicle, nuisance or disturbance and hooning. 这份单子列出您可以在线上系统上报告的事情,包括盗窃;财产丢失;财产损害;被盗、损坏或遗弃的车辆;滋扰或干扰和飙车。

So they are the non-urgent matters that you can currently report but we will be adding more to our system over time. 目前来说,您可以报告的事情只有这些,但是以后我们会继续添加其他可以报告的事情。

So once you’ve completed your online report, that will be sent to the police communications team and they will then create an official police job. Once this has been done, we will contact you and provide you with a reference number, and you can use this reference number to follow up on the report in future. 您完成线上报告后,报告会转发给警察通信组,然后通信组会建立一个官方的警察任务。之后,我们会与您联系,并把案件的参考编码给您,以后您可以用这个参考编码来跟进案件。

Now, please keep in mind that there are some issues which are not police matters and so you shouldn’t be reporting on those kind of issues. 请记住,有些事情不在警察的管辖范围之内,所以您不应该报告此类事情。

For example, you have a neighbour who has a dog that won’t stop barking. Now that is a council matter and should refer that to your local council, OK? Again, if you have a dispute with your neighbour about your fence, that would also be a council matter and so you would need to talk to your council about that, not the police. 假如说您邻居的狗不停地在叫,这是市政厅管的事情,所以您应该向市政厅报告这件事。又如,您与邻居因栅栏而发生纠纷,这也是市政厅管的事,所以您需要联系的是市政厅而不是警察。

If you are in a life-threatening situation police call Triple Zero. Likewise, if you need the police to attend immediately, if there is a crime that is happening right at that moment or maybe someone has committed a crime but they are running away — in those situations you should also contact Triple Zero. 如果您生命受到威胁的话,请拨打000。同样,如果您需要警察立刻到场处理,或者您了解到案情正在发生,或者有人犯了罪而正在逃逸,在这些情况下,您也应该拨打000。

Now if you would like to report someone who has breached a public health order, for example maybe they should be in isolation but they’re not, maybe you saw a large group of people gathering when they are not allowed to, or maybe there’s a business trading when they’re not allow to trade. In those situations there’s actually a separate form that you need to fill in online, and that’s called the online COVID-19 breach form. 如果您得知有人违反了公共卫生法令,例如,有人违反了隔离规定,或您看到一大群人非法聚集;又如,有企业违反疫情规定擅自营业,在这些情况下,有另一份表格要填写,叫做《新冠病毒违规线上报告表》。

For more information on how you can slow the spread of coronavirus please visit our official website. 如果您想了解如何减缓新冠病毒的传播,请访问我们的官网。

Thank you. 谢谢。

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