Interpreting Dialogues

Index of Mandarin-English Interpreting Dialogues

Title Topic Difficulty
#1 Bank Robbery Legal/Police Medium
#2 Parent-Teacher Meeting Education Medium
#3 Food Poisoning Medical Medium
#4 Copyright Dispute Legal Medium
#5 Pregnancy Anxiety Medical Medium
#6 Hotel Reservation Tourism/Business Medium
#7 Personal Injury Claim Legal/Employment High
#8 Mortgage Application Banking/Finance High
#9 Concert Tour Business/Tourism High
#10 Medical Supplies Controversy Medical/Business High
#11 Stiff Neck Medical Low
#12 Becoming an Australian Citizen Immigration High
#13 Behavioural Problems Education Medium
#14 Recruitment Agency Employment/Business Medium
#15 Sexual Harassment Complaint Legal/Employment Medium
#16 Street Prostitution Legal/Police High
#17 Delinquent Juvenile Legal/Police Medium
#18 Drug Possession Legal/Police High
#19 Suspicious Fire Legal/Police Medium
#20 Looking for an Apartment Housing Medium
#21 Selling a House Housing Medium
#22 Domestic Violence Support Legal Medium
#23 Common Assault Legal/Police Medium
#24 Murder Investigation Legal/Police High
#25 Group Tour Booking Tourism Medium
#26 Carer Payment Social Welfare Medium
#27 Age Pension Application Social Welfare Medium
#28 Burglary Tip-off Legal/Police Medium
#29 Catering Booking Business Medium
#30 Neighbourhood Dispute Legal Medium
#31 Investment Enquiry Finance Medium
#32 Constipation Troubles Medical Medium
#33 Setting Up a Bank Account Finance/Banking Low
#34 Onshore Protection Visa Immigration High
#35 Child Vaccination Medical High
#36 Marketing Strategy Business Medium
#37 Company Profile Business Medium
#38 Utilities Bill Dispute Housing Low

Note: As for 9 July 2014, there are Chinese translations available for all dialogue transcripts.

Index of Interpreting Topics

Topic Number Of Dialogues
Legal 13
Police 8
Business 7
Medical 6
Employment 3
Tourism 3
Finance 3
Housing 3
Education 2
Social Welfare 2
Banking 2
Immigration 2

Topics to be developed in the future: Banking, Finance, Immigration, Social Welfare and Housing.

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  1. An's Gravatar An
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    hi there. can you make a dialogue on ordering food in a restaurant? thank you very much

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    Hey Carl, your blog is awesome!
    I just started to ‘STUDY’ your blog. How amazing it is you shared so much information in English study and what you have learnt in interpreting with us.Feel ashamed to be so late to hit your blog after knowing you for more than one year lol.
    Much appreciate & Keep up good work 😀

  3. Suye's Gravatar Suye
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    Thank you very much for this website. I am sure it will help me heaps because I am ganna sit NAATI text for level 3 Cantonese. Learnt this website from a freind. Thanks for all the wonderful resources。 ^-^

  4. Rebecca's Gravatar Rebecca
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    This is the most useful website I found. Thanks for the editors. It’s so helpful for me to take the NAATI exam.

  5. Patrick's Gravatar Patrick
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    Thank you so much! Wish I had found your site much earlier. The dialog and mp3 are really great.
    If you would like to improve further I suggest including pin yin as well 🙂

  6. Alex's Gravatar Alex
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    This is an excellent blog! Such a big help. I’m currently studying an MA in Chinese/English Translation & Interpreting, and this has provided me with a lot of extracurricular practice. Thank you so much!

  7. Su's Gravatar Su
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    Thank you Carl. I’m striving to be my best in both language using contexts

  8. aziz's Gravatar aziz
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    I am wondering if anyone has sample questions and answers for Natti interpreter or para interpreter. I searched the net but could not find sample question.
    Thanks a lot

  9. Shaugn's Gravatar Shaugn
    10/10/2017 - 3:31 pm | Permalink

    Hi, where would a get a book/blog/pdf of literal mandarin to english common sentence translations. I’m finding it difficult to learn mandarin given that I want to learn what the particular pictograph is in directly in english (not the translated meaning)(a one to one meaning. I’ll work on the English near equivalent afterward

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