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Random Trivia #12 – Interesting Conditions

Test your English and Chinese vocabulary level! See how many of these words you can guess. Today’s theme is interesting conditions. Here’s a tip: most of them (but not all) end in 病 bìng (“sickness”) or 症 zhèng (“disease”). Also note many of these are new and popular expressions in Chinese, and some do not […]

250 Physical Verbs in English and Chinese

I’ve always wanted to compile a list of verbs in English and Chinese that involve physical actions, as I believe these are some of the trickiest types of vocabulary to master. They’re tricky because, although they’re the kind of things we do on a daily basis, we rarely think about how to express them clearly […]

Vocabulary for the NAATI Professional Interpreting Examination (English and Chinese)

As I just took my NAATI Professional Interpreting Exam (NAATI三級口譯考試) last week, I thought I’d share with you the vocabulary that I have collected over the past year in preparing for it. There are ten glossaries in total, each with 30 words in total, including: 30 Legal Terms in English and Chinese 30 Medical Terms […]

Physical Examination in English and Chinese

Briefing This is a demonstration of the most common steps involved in a physical examination, conducted by a physician in a hospital or general practice. Both the original recording in English, as well as the version translated into Mandarin, are provided. In both recordings, a beep is sounded at the end of each segment for […]

How to Describe Medical Symptoms in Chinese

Have been inspired recently to do more research into how a whole variety of medical symptoms can be expressed naturally in Chinese. Here is what I have found between reading a number of books and consulting with friends, both laypeople and medical experts alike. Enjoy!   How to Describe Medical Symptoms in Chinese   描述一般症状-Describing […]

Mandarin English Dialogue #35 – Child Vaccination

Briefing A Mandarin-speaking Father is visiting the office of an English-speaking GP. He wishes to make some enquiries about the immunisations for his child, Xiaoming.   Listen to Dialogue Mandarin English Dialogue #35 – Child Vaccination

Mandarin English Dialogue #32 – Constipation Troubles

Briefing A Mandarin-speaking patient is speaking to an English-speaking General Practitioner. The patient is having some trouble with constipation.   Listen to Dialogue Mandarin English Dialogue #32 – Constipation Troubles

Mandarin-English Dialogue #11 – Stiff Neck

Briefing This dialogue takes place between Mrs Xu, a Chinese-speaking patient, and Doctor Waters, her GP. Mrs Xu has been experiencing pain in her neck.   Listen to Dialogue Mandarin-English Dialogue #10 – Stiff Neck

Mandarin-English Dialogue #10 – Medical Supplies Controversy

Briefing An Australian hospital has received a batch of medical supplies from a Chinese exporter and is investigating a possible link between the goods supplied and a recent outbreak of golden staph. The head of hospital administration, Neil Plopper, is contacting the Chinese supplier, Ms Chen, in regards to the matter.   Listen to Dialogue […]

Interpreting Speech #4 – Autism (English-into-Mandarin)

Briefing You have been asked to interpret for an international conference entitled “Challenges in High School Teaching”. During this presentation you are interpreting for an education expert on the topic of autism spectrum disorders and how to deal with autistic children in the classroom.   Listen to Speech Interpreting Speech #4 – Autism (English-into-Mandarin)