Mandarin-English Dialogue #8 – Mortgage Application


This dialogue takes place between Mr Ben Doherty, a loan manager at a bank called SmartVest and Mrs Wang Fang, a Mandarin-speaking client who is making an equiry about how to apply for a mortgage.


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Mandarin-English Dialogue #8 – Mortgage Application


Mr Doherty: Hi. How can I help you today?

Mrs Wang (王太太): 您好,我想多了解一下怎样申请住房贷款。这周,我已经看了很多在远郊的漂亮房子了,其中有一套特别吸引我。[Hello. I would like to know more about how to apply for a home loan. I’ve been inspecting some beautiful houses in the outer suburbs this week, and there is one in particular that caught my eye.]

Mr Doherty: Fantastic. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ben Doherty and I’m a loan manager here at SmartVest Bank. I would be happy to help you with any finance advice you require. So, tell me, what is it that attracted you to the property?

Mrs Wang (王太太): 我看的那套房子相当的宽敞,而且是刚翻新的。它是三室一厅两卫。那里还有一个大后院,我可以让我的狗在那儿到处跑。难以想象在我的家乡北京还能以这么好的价格买到这么满意的房子。 [The house I looked at was really spacious and has been newly rennovated. It has three bedrooms, one living room and two bathrooms. There’s also a big backyard where I can let my dogs run around. I could never imagine getting such a lovely place in my hometown Beijing at a decent price.]

Mr Doherty: I can imagine. How much was the property valued at?

Mrs Wang (王太太): 恩,好的。这正是我所担心的。这套房产的价值是五十六万澳元,虽然比我预期的要低,不过还是超出了我的心理价位。考虑到这套房子的价格,你觉得我能贷多少钱呢? [Ah, yes. This is what I was worrying about. The property is valued at $560,000 which, although much cheaper than I was expecting, is still a little out of my price range. Considering how much the property is worth, how much do you think I can borrow?]

Mr Doherty: How much you can afford to borrow will depend on a range of different things such as your income, your credit history and your savings. Later on we can use one of our home loan calculators to give you a good indication of your borrowing power and help you work out what your repayments would be.

Mrs Wang (王太太): 我明白了,不好意思,因为我之前从来没有申请过贷款,所以我有很多问题想问。[I see. You’ll have to excuse me as I’ve never applied for a loan before, so I have a thousand questions.]

Mr Doherty: By all means, shoot.

Mrs Wang (王太太): 好的, 事实上,如果你不介意的话,我自己已经列出了一些我想问的问题。首先,你能告诉我要付多少订金吗? [OK.  I’ve actually written out a list of questions I’d like to ask if you don’t mind. Firstly, could you tell me how much deposit I need to make?]

Mr Doherty: No I don’t mind at all, it’s always great to see customers being organised and taking the initiative! I can see you’re really eager to get stuck in to this, so let’s get started.

( … )

Ah yes, now, you asked me about deposit… Well, with our home loans, you typically need a deposit of at least 5% of the property’s value – plus enough to cover stamp duty and other admin fees.

Mrs Wang (王太太): 我明白了,那申请时我需要提供哪些文件呢?我这么问是因为我有个表妹最近在另一家银行申请了一个个人贷款。她被震惊到了,因为她需要提供一大堆的资料,都快要被烦死了。[I see. And what documents do I need to provide when applying? The reason I ask is one of my cousins recently applied for a personal loan at another bank and she was surprised by how much paperwork she had to provide. She said it was a lot of stuffing around.]

Mr Doherty: Yes, I understand. There are a number of documents you will need to provide. I have a checklist here. You can have a look at it.

( … )

Well basically you need to provide a 100-point identification check, and evidence of your income, as well as details about the assets you own, and also any outstanding debt you have as well.

Mrs Wang (王太太): 好。 哦,我刚想起来,我的邻居告诉我如果这是我第一次买房, 我可以申请。。。叫什么?好像叫“首次置业补助”。这真是太好了,我从来不知道有这么回事儿。[OK. Oh, I just remembered one thing. My neighbour said that if you’re purchasing your first home you can also apply for a… what’s it called? I think it’s called a “First Home Owner Grant”. It sounds great! I had no idea such a thing existed.]

( … )

虽然我有绿卡,但我不是澳洲国籍,这样我还有资格申请吗? [I’m not an Australian citizen, although I do have Permament Residency. Am I still eligible for it?]

Mr Doherty: Don’t worry, permanent residents can also apply for it. The main thing is that you are buying your first home in Australia and that you plan to stay in that place for at least 12 months afterwards. Here, I’ll give you this factsheet. Maybe your interpreter could translate it for you later.

Mrs Wang (王太太): 谢谢。不过需要看的资料太多了,你介意我休息会儿吗? [Thank you. There is so much information to go through. Do you mind if we take a short break?]

Mr Doherty: No worries. I’ll get you a cuppa and a bickie if you like. There’s no point rushing such an important decision after all – and later in the afternoon I can explain all your options and take you through some scenarios that might work best for you.

Mrs Wang (王太太): 听起来真不错,再次谢谢您。[That sounds lovely. Thanks again.]

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