Random Word Trivia #11

Test your English and Chinese vocabulary level! See how many of these words you can guess.

  1. You take photos with a long stick.
  2. You make a promise with your shortest finger.
  3. You demand money for the person you just kidnapped.
  4. You look cute wearing a loose piece of clothing that covers your entire body.
  5. You have fallen into a pit that is slowly eating you.
  6. You take pleasure seeing other people fall into bad luck.
  7. You were born after your father died, you are a what child.
  8. Your university gives degrees to students who don’t deserve them.
  9. Your child carries keys to your home because no one is home when school finishes.
  10. You wrote some notes on a piece of paper to take into the exam with you to help you cheat.
  11. You need to wear big glasses to read the text in front of you.
  12. You follow what others do, you are a kind of animal (English).
  13. You are dating someone far, far away.
  14. Your government keeps its people ignorant.
  15. You keep putting things off, you must have a disorder of some kind.
  16. You take on a second job without telling your employer.

    . . . . . . . (no looking at the answers until you’ve made some guesses!) Answers

  1. English: selfie stick. Chinese: 自拍神器 (zìpāi shénqì).
  2. English: make a pinky promise. Chinese: 拉钩 (lāgōu).
  3. English: ransom. Chinese: 赎金 (shújīn).
  4. English: onesie. Chinese: 连体服 (liántǐfú).
  5. English: quicksand. Chinese: 流沙 (liúshā).
  6. English: schadenfreude. Chinese: 幸灾乐祸 (xìngzāilèhuò).
  7. English: posthumous. Chinese: 遗腹子 (yífùzǐ).
  8. English: diploma mill. Chinese: 野鸡大学 (‎yějī dàxué); 学店 (xuédiàn).
  9. English: latchkey kid. Chinese: 挂钥匙儿童 (guàyàoshi értóng).
  10. English: cheat sheet; crib sheet. Chinese: 小抄 (xiǎochāo).
  11. English: reading glasses. Chinese: 老花镜 (lǎohuājìng).
  12. English: sheep (herd mentality; conformist mentality). Chinese: 从众心理 (cóngzhòng xīnlǐ).
  13. English: (in a) long-distance relationship. Chinese: 异地恋 (yìdìliàn).
  14. English: obscurantism. Chinese: 愚民政策 (‎yúmín zhèngcè).
  15. English: procrastination (not a real disorder). Chinese: 拖延症 (tuōyánzhèng).
  16. English: moonlighting. Chinese: 接私活 (jiēsīhuó); 赚外快 (zhuànwàikuài); 副业 (fùyè).

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  1. david's Gravatar david
    27/10/2015 - 12:56 am | Permalink

    im an australian currently living in china (last 3 years) and i’ve been a long time reader of yours. i just wanted to send a little thank you because i really appreciate your updates.

  2. 02/05/2016 - 1:45 pm | Permalink

    I’m not sure I’d call this stuff trivia. I’m amazed at how you manage to keep up with all this vocabulary.

    Selfie stick is also 自拍棒.

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