Translation Challenge: Random Word Trivia Quiz

It’s random word trivia quiz time!

See how many of these you can guess – one point for English, one point for Chinese.


1. You have dry skin on your hands after so many years of hard work. (noun)

2. The skin on your finger on the side of your nail is peeling back painfully. (noun)

3. Your belly hurts after your morning run. (noun)

4. When you wake up in the morning you notice your eyes are full of some sort of gunk. (noun)

5. The feathers or other warm stuff inside your doona/duvet/quilt. (noun)

6. A famous actor appearing for a short-time in a film. (noun)

7. The guy who does all the dangerous stuff for the actor in a movie. (noun)

8. Someone’s clothes accidentally slip off, revealing some skin. (verb)

9. A hair style often worn by punks where the sides are cut off leaving a line of hair that is often styled tall. (noun)

10. A spiky plant found in the desert. (noun)

11. You stare at someone’s body and fantantise about them. (verb)

12. You won’t give back the microphone at the karaoke bar. (verb)

13. You stick your thumb out to grab a ride. (verb)

14. The sun is too hot so you use something like an umbrella to block it out. (noun)

15. You said you’d show up but you didn’t. (verb)

16. We’re all trying to leave but you are taking so long to get ready. (verb)





1. English: callus. Chinese: 茧子 jiǎnzi; 老茧 lǎojiǎn

2. English: hangnail. Chinese: 倒刺 dàocì; 肉刺 ròucì (Southern Mandarin slang)

3. English: stitch. Chinese: 岔气儿 chàqìr

4. English: sleep. Chinese: 眼屎 yǎnshǐ

5. English: down; feather down. 羽绒 yǔróng

6. English: cameo. Chinese: 友情客串 yǒuqíng kèchuàn; 龙套 (doesn’t have to be a famous actor)

7. English: stuntman. Chinese: 替身 tìshēn

8. English: have a wardrobe malfunction. Chinese: 走光 zǒuguāng

9. English: mohawk. Chinese: 莫西干 mōxīgān; 鸡冠头 jīguāntóu

10. English: cactus. Chinese: 仙人掌 xiānrénzhǎng

11. English: perve (on somebody). Chinese: 色迷迷地看 sèmímí de kàn

12. English: hog the microphone. Chinese: 麦霸 màibà

13. English: hitchhike. Chinese: 搭便车 dābiànchē

14. English: parasol. Chinese: 遮阳伞 zhēyángsǎn; 太阳伞 tàiyángsǎn; 阳伞 yángsǎn

15. English: stand up somebody; pike on somebody (Aussie slang). Chinese: 放鸽子 fàng gēzi

16. English: dawdle; dilly-dally; stuff around (Aussie slang). Chinese: 磨蹭 móceng


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8 Comments to "Translation Challenge: Random Word Trivia Quiz"

  1. Bathrobe's Gravatar Bathrobe
    22/10/2011 - 10:43 am | Permalink

    A list of words, most of which I’ve never seen or heard, but definitely have to commit to memory!

  2. 22/10/2011 - 1:18 pm | Permalink

    Interesting stff. One minor issue-it should be 色迷迷地看, not 得.

  3. 25/10/2011 - 12:11 pm | Permalink

    I have no idea what 岔气, 莫西干, and鸡冠头 mean offhand.
    Despite the fact that岔气 is found in 《医宗金鉴》, I have a guess that it’s more often used in Northern dialects. At least, I have never heard of this word where I live. That said, it could be simply because I am not knowledgeable enough though.
    According to your post, 莫西干and 鸡冠头 mean the same thing-a comb-like hairdo, however, 鸡冠头 would be a lot more comprehensible. Even if one doesn’t know what 鸡冠头means, the word would be readily understandable when put in context.
    The rest words are common and have been around for quite a while.
    As an aside, 鸡冠头 might be considered bizarre and unpleasant by some people, especially in rural areas.

  4. Bathrobe's Gravatar Bathrobe
    26/10/2011 - 10:04 am | Permalink

    Although belly is a nice broad term that covers the abdomen in general, I’ve always thought of a stitch as being in the side, not the belly.

  5. Nick's Gravatar Nick
    01/07/2014 - 9:22 am | Permalink

    So interesting! Just realised that sleep can also mean 眼屎;As a Chinese, I have never heard莫西干 before, which is a bit embarrassing; One question: If a female actor feel reluctant to 拍床戏 have someone else do it. Can I also call someone as a stuntman? And how to translate “拍床戏”?

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