Random Word Trivia Quiz Part 4

With apologies – I think this is the most challenging one yet. But, by all means, have a go and see how many you can guess answers for!


1. When you want to cancel an appointment you have made with a friend. (verb)

2. You have an appointment in a few hours, but until then all you can do is…? (verb)

3. The box that, if opened, will spell disaster. (noun)

4. You’re sitting down, when suddenly you can’t feel your foot. (verb)

5. You look under your bed and find a ball of dust. (noun)

6. You accidentally hit your elbow and you get a funny feeling. (verb + noun)

7. You apply for a job and get through to the next round (an interview) – what kind of list do you get on? (verb + noun)

8. You grew up in this city, you know it really well, just like…? (adjective)

9. You stay up late a lot, you’re a…? (noun)

10. You’re the opposite of drunk. (adjective)

11. You don’t go to class when you’re supposed to. (verb)

12. She’s friends with so many people, she’s always going to social events, she’s a…? (noun)

13. When something is easy for you, just like child’s…? (noun)

14. A rare species of deer native to China that is extinct in the wild. (noun)





1. English: take a rain check. Chinese: 改天 gǎitiān

2. English: kill time; pass the time. Chinese: 打发时间 dǎfā shíjiān

3. English: Pandora’s box. Chinese: 潘多拉盒子 Pānduōlāhézi; 灾难之源 zāinànzhīyuán

4. English: I’ve got pins and needles; my foot’s asleep/numb. Chinese: 我有针刺感 wǒ yǒu zhēncìgǎn; 我的腿麻了 wǒ de tuǐ má le

5. English: dust bunny. Chinese: 灰团 huītuán

6. English: hit one’s funny bone. Chinese: 撞到麻经 zhuàngdào májīng

7. English: get on the short list (get short-listed). Chinese: 进入候选人名单 jìnrù hòuxuǎnrén míngdān

8. English: know sth like the back of one’s hand. Chinese: 了如指掌 liǎorúzhǐzhǎng

9. English: night owl. Chinese: 夜猫 yèmāozi

10. English: sober. Chinese: 清醒 qīngxǐng

11. English: skip/cut/wag class (or school); play truant (formal). Chinese: 逃课 táokè

12. English: social butterfly. Chinese: 交际花 jiāojìhuā

13. English: child’s play. Chinese: 小儿科 xiǎoérkē (slang)

14. English: Père David’s deer; milu. Chinese: 麋鹿 mílù

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  1. Kaiwen's Gravatar Kaiwen
    06/12/2011 - 4:20 pm | Permalink

    11 can also be 翘课 or 旷课

  2. Bao's Gravatar Bao
    23/12/2011 - 6:19 pm | Permalink

    I love this kind of quiz. It’s funny how many of these I should have known, but didn’t realize I knew until I looked at the answers. This is what I need to fill the gap between dictionary vocab and real life.

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