Random Word Trivia #10

See how many of these random words you can guess the English and Chinese for!

1. You have a bad habit, like smoking or gambling.

2. You have a tool that enables you to appear taller than what you are.

3. You look really similar to a celebrity.

4. You have an argument with someone because your personality is different to theirs.

5. You are paid money to keep your mouth shut.

6. You are walking through a city, looking for a something which is recognisable from a distance.

7. You are a woman, and this is your bedroom.

8. You are someone who never shuts up.

9. You remove hair from your body with a sticky kind of substance.

10. You have been asked to stand in the background at the filming of a movie.

11. You have a floor covering made of straw, imported from Japan.

12. You see a seat on the train that is for people with disabilities and pregnant woman.

13. You see a list of the main things that need to be learnt in your textbook.

14. You notice a lot of people are obsessed with something, but you don’t think it will be popular for very long.



1. Chinese: 恶习 èxí. English: vice.

2. Chinese: 高跷 gāoqiāo (verb: 踩高跷 cǎi gāoqiāo). English: stilts (verb: walk on stilts).

3. Chinese: 名人脸 míngrénliǎn. English: celebrity lookalike.

4. Chinese:  性格不合 xìnggé bùhé. English: personality clash.

5. Chinese: 封口费 fēngkǒufèi. English: hush money.

6. Chinese: 地标 dìbiāo. English: landmark.

7. Chinese: 闺房 guīfáng. English: boudoir.

8. Chinese: 话痨 huàláo. English: chatterbox.

9. Chinese: 蜜蜡脱毛;热蜡脱毛 mìlà tuōmáo; rèlà tuōmáo. English: body waxing.

10. Chinese: 群众人员 qúnzhòng rényuán. English: extra (in a movie).

11. Chinese: 榻榻米 tàtàmǐ. English: tatami.

12. Chinese: 爱心专座;博爱座 àixīn zhuānzuò; bó’àizuò. English: priority seat.

13. Chinese: 知识点 zhīshidiǎn. English: key (learning) point.

14. Chinese: 昙花一现;流行一时 tánhuāyīxiàn; liúxíng yīshí. English: passing fad.

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    “封口费“ is even included!!! U r always able to surprise us!!! Keep on doing the good work!!!

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