Random Word Trivia Quiz Part 3

Here’s another one – I’m on a roll! See how many you can get right – and you get bonus points if you can guess the translation into your second language.


1. You’re famous for doing bad things. (adjective)

2. You can hear the sound of people having sex. (noun)

3. You’re obsessed with making sure that everything is clean. (adjective)

4. You’re a man and you really act like one. (adjective)

5. An item of footwear with a strap between the big toe and the other toes. (noun)

6. This type of Russian food is usually considered the most luxurious in the West. (noun)

7. You really like looking at yourself in the mirror. (adjective)

8. You change your mind all the time. (adjective)

9. You work too much. (noun)

10. You have sex with a virgin. (verb)

11. You act like a spoilt child. (verb)

12. You really need to pee! (adjective)

13. You feel like you’ve done this before… what a strange feeling! (noun)

14. Someone who tries to be cool. (noun)

15. When you say the opposite of what you mean. (noun)

16. You achieve success only because of good luck. (verb)



1. English: notorious; infamous. Chinese: 臭名昭著 chòumíngzhāozhù

2. English: moan. Chinese: 叫床 jiàochuáng

3. English: anal-retentive; obsessive-compulsive. Chinese: 洁癖 jiépǐ

4. English: manly. Chinese: 有男人味 (yǒu nánrén wèi); (很)男人 (hěn) nánrén (slang)

5. English: thongs (Aussie slang); flip-flops. Chinese: 人字拖 rénzìtuō

6. English: caviar. Chinese: 鱼子酱 yúzǐjiàng

7. English: vain. Chinese: 臭美 chòuměi

8. English: fickle. Chinese: 多变 duōbiàn

9. English: workaholic. Chinese: 工作狂 gōngzuòkuáng

10. English: pop someone’s cherry; deflower. Chinese: 破处 pòchù; 开苞 kāibāo

11. English: to chuck a tantrum. Chinese: 撒娇 sājiāo; 发嗲 fādiǎ

12. English: busting; bursting. Chinese: 尿急 niàojí

13. English: deja-vu. Chinese: 似曾相识 sìcéngxiāngshí

14. English: try-hard (slang). Chinese: 装酷 zhuāngkù (slang); 裝逼 zhuāngbī (slang; derogatory)

15. English: sarcasm. Chinese: 反语 fǎnyǔ

16. English: fluke it. Chinese: 走狗屎运 zǒu gǒushǐyùn

8 Comments to "Random Word Trivia Quiz Part 3"

  1. 30/10/2011 - 11:38 pm | Permalink

    14. Someone who tries to be cool. (noun)

    A wannabe; a poser; a poseur

  2. 01/11/2011 - 9:57 pm | Permalink

    just a few things:
    Someone who tries to be cool is more like 装酷 rather than 装逼, cuz 装逼 is more negative than 装酷
    déjà-vu can be translated as 老调重弹/ 老掉牙 depends on the circumstances

  3. 02/11/2011 - 2:53 pm | Permalink

    How about 有男人味 for manly? I don’t think 男人 can ever be used as an adjective, despite the fact that many people use it that way.

  4. daofeishi's Gravatar daofeishi
    04/11/2011 - 7:30 am | Permalink

    Is 洁癖 really pronounced jie2pi3? I am pretty sure all my friends say jie2pi4, and that’s how I’ve been pronouncing it.

  5. daofeishi's Gravatar daofeishi
    04/11/2011 - 7:33 am | Permalink

    Hmm… The dictionaries I’ve checked agree with Carl. But in daily life, people seem to be pronouncing it with the 4th tone:

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