Mandarin-English Dialogue #25 – Group Tour Booking


A Mandarin speaking man (M) is making a phone call to a travel company (T) named NT Adventures. He has an enquiry about making a tour booking to Kakadu National Park for group of Chinese tourists.


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Mandarin-English Dialogue #25 – Group Tour Booking

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M: Good morning, NT Adventures. How may I help you? [早上好,NT旅行社。有什么需要我帮助的嘛?]

T: 你好,我想了解一下怎么样能够去卡卡杜国家公园。我是想给一群中国游客来预定。[Hi there. I’d like to make an enquiry about making a tour booking to Kakadu National Park for a group of Chinese tourists.]

M: Certainly. Could you start by telling me how many people are in your group and how long you’d like to tour the park? NT Adventures has a number of different tour packages available. I’ll try my best to find one most suitable for you. [当然。您可以先告诉我这个团有多少人,并且预定在在这个公园呆多久呢?我们旅社有很多不同的旅行套餐可以选择。我会尽我所能找到最适合您的套餐的。]

T: 嗯,这个团总共有六个人,他们将会于9月30号从澳门飞去达尔文,然后10月3号的时候呢,10月3号的早上去飞回去。所以我们想要的是一个两天的两日游。我去年的时候其实用过你们公司而且觉得你们的工作做的相当好。[It’s a six-person group. They’re flying from Macau to Darwin on 30 September and is flying back on 3 October in the morning. So we’re after a 2-day tour. I actually used your company last year and thought you did a fantastic job.]

M: Well, that’s good to hear. In that case, there is one particular tour that I think would be suitable for you. It’s a two-day 4WD cruise that takes you through some spectacular waterfalls and the local wildlife, including the crocs of course. It’s great if you are short on time and want to see the best of Kakadu National Park. [嗯,不错。这样的话,有个很适合您的。这是个两天的四轮驱动旅游,会参观妆感的瀑布和当地的野生生物,当然也会看到鳄鱼。对于那些想看到卡卡杜国家公园经典旅游景点但又是短途旅行的人来说最好不过了。]

T: 那住宿怎么安排呢?[How about accommodation then?]

M: Well, there are two options. One is to camp under the stars. The other is to stay in a cabin. Which do you think your group would prefer? [嗯,您有两个选择。一是在星空下的地上露营。一是住在小木屋。您觉得您的团更倾向哪种方式呢?]

T: 我想一个小木屋对我们这个团应该更合适一些。那么,两日游总共有的花费要多少呢?[I think a cabin would be more suitable for this group. How much will the two-day tour cost in total then?]

M: Well, in total it comes to $810 for twin share and $900 for single room. That price includes entrance to the national park, as well as GST. I’ve added a 10 per cent discount considering you are a repeat customer. [好的,价钱是这样的,两人间的是810元,单人间是900元。这个价格已经包括了门票和商品及服务税。鉴于您是老顾客了,我给您打个九折。]

T: 嗯,那才好了。我们这个团说他们想看一下本地的这个传统土著居民的艺术和文化。他们还说他们想爬爬山,但是我觉得我们可能没有时间去爬山。您怎么看呢?[Great. My group has said they’d like to check out some of the traditional Aboriginal art and culture. They also said they’d like to do some hiking but I don’t think we’ll have time for that. What do you think?]

M: Well, during the tour we actually take you to a local Aboriginal community to experience traditional Aboriginal culture, and see ancient rock paintings. There is some hiking during the tour on the second day, but nothing too strenuous. [嗯,我们会带您们参观真正的土著居民生活,体会真正的土著文化和古老的岩石画。第二天会有个远足,但不会太累的。]

T: 好,听起来不错。我们这个团里还有这个养鸟的爱好者,他们说如果可能的话想去看看本地的鸟。[OK, that sounds fine. There are a couple of bird enthusiasts in the group. They said they’d like to do some bird watching if possible.]

M: We may be able to arrange something on the second day of the tour. I’d have to get back to you on that one. [我们可以第二天再安排这些事,这个我得下次再告诉您了。]

T: 谢谢。我是15分钟之后就给你打个电话过来,然后会给您更多我们这个团队的预定信息。[Thanks. I’ll call you back in ten minutes with more details about the group booking.]

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  1. kim's Gravatar kim
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    Hi Carl, what is the difference between repeat customer and loyal customer? i.e. 老顾客 cheers

  2. Jason's Gravatar Jason
    26/03/2014 - 12:26 pm | Permalink

    If I were you, I will do it this way:
    Loylaty/old customer=老顾客。 repeat customer = 回头客。What’s your opinion?

  3. Taeyoung Park's Gravatar Taeyoung Park
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    Thanks for the good material.
    But I think the initials of the speakers in the dialogue are switched.

  4. Alex's Gravatar Alex
    10/04/2020 - 7:18 am | Permalink

    Why is a cruise a kind of truck – isn’t it a (cruise) ship? Is that an Australian term?
    BTW found this site from the American Mandarin Society newsletter post

    • WL's Gravatar WL
      22/10/2020 - 1:18 am | Permalink

      Hi, I hope this is not too late, but cruise can also mean travelling around slowly, taking in the scenery. So when taken into context (4wd cruise) it means taking on a 4wd (truck, SUV) off the beaten track. hope it heps!

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