Interpreting Speech #8 – Travelling Abroad (Mandarin-into-English)


You have been called to interpret for a visiting government official from China. He is giving a speech about the trends of Chinese tourists going abroad.


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Interpreting Speech #8 – Travelling Abroad (Mandarin-into-English)

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Ladies and gentlemen.



Today I’d like to talk about the new trend of Chinese travelling abroad. I’ll start with a few of the latest figures.


越来越多的中国人青睐于出国旅游,在海外的中国游客的消费额可能会超过德国人和美国人成为世界第一。 世界旅游组织预测,中国人出国旅游的人数将会从去年的7000万人次达到2020年一亿人次。但是在15年前,只有500万中国人出国旅游。

More and more Chinese prefer travelling abroad, and their travel spending may exceed that of Germans and Americans and become the highest in the world. The World Tourism Organisation estimates that by 2020 the number of Chinese travelling overseas will increase from last year’s figure of 70 million to 100 million. However 15 years ago, only 5 million Chinese went abroad for travel.


虽然中国游客人均花费低于西方游客,但是由于旅游人数之多,显示中国人在海外旅游的总花费很高。 中国游客2010年共在海外消费540亿美元,去年的消费额达到720亿美元。 有关官员表示,在2012年的前5个月中,中国游客出境的人数增长了20%。

The average spending of Chinese tourists is lower than that of Western tourists. However the fact that there are more Chinese than Western tourists demonstrates that Chinese tourists’ total spending is higher. In 2010 Chinese tourists spent $54 billion USD in total overseas, while last year total expenditure came to $72 billion USD. Government officials state that in the first five months of 2012 the number of Chinese who left the country increased by 20%.


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Part 2 Begins Now.


而很多地方也都希望能够吸引中国游客光顾。据一家专门进行安排购物行的旅行社表示,20%的免税商品售给了中国游客。 越来越多的中国游客开始喜欢在海边度假,而不是只是单纯前往一些景点。 而有些地区特别受到中国人的青睐,比如英国剑桥大学的国王学院也是因为徐志摩的《再别康桥》成为中国人的必游之地。

In addition, many places wish to attract Chinese tourists. A travel agency which arranges shopping tours has indicated that 20% of all duty free products sold went to Chinese tourists. More and more Chinese tourists like holidaying by the sea, as opposed to just seeing a few scenic spots. And some places have become particularly popular among Chinese tourists; for example, King College in Cambridge University in the UK became a must-see for Chinese travellers due to (the Chinese poet) Xu Zhimo’s (poem) “Farewell to Cambridge”.



Although Asia, Australia and Europe are still popular tourist destinations for Chinese travellers, Israel, Tahiti and the Maldives have also become hot spots. Many Chinese tourist agencies have added these places to their travel itineraries.



To sum up, Chinese tourists who travel overseas are among the biggest spenders in the world when it comes to travel expenses, and China has reached a new peak in this area. As promoters of the tourism industry, we should work harder to meet the demands of tourists going abroad.


Material adapted from 中国游客海外消费将达世界之最 去年突破7千万人


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