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Lecture #5: Improve Your Chinese Handwriting by Learning Chinese Calligraphy

学习书法,提高写字能力 Improve Your Chinese Handwriting by Learning Chinese Calligraphy 一、问题之处 1. Issues 一般来说,中文学习者:Usually, students of Chinese:容易提笔忘字 Often forget how to write characters 阅读速度比较慢 Read at a relatively slow speed 难以理解博大精深的中华文明 Find it difficult to access traditional Chinese culture 自己写的字相当于中国小学生的水平 Write characters that resemble those of primary school students from China 很难看懂中文母语人士写的字 Struggle to decipher characters […]

How to Type a Chinese Character You Don’t Know How to Read 如何打出一个你不会念的汉字

(在中国境内的同学可以上哔哩哔哩观看) Have you ever come across a Chinese character you have no idea how to read? In this tutorial I show you four methods to type an unknown hanzi on your computer or mobile device. Hope you find this useful!遇到生僻字怎么办?我今天与大家分享四个方法来打出一个你不会念的汉字,希望对你们有所帮助!

800 Most Common Chinese Character Components

I have just finished creating a new resource entitled 800 Most Common Chinese Character Components. This time I have created both Traditional and Simplified Chinese versions. I have also converted the hanzi from both resources into pinyin which students can then use for silent dictation practice. This has been a huge project that has taken […]

Chinese Dictation Practice #1

Inspired after my recent post Top 500 Chinese Characters (and How to Write Them), I thought I’d create a dictation practice mp3 for those out there who want more practice writing and recalling Chinese characters. Chinese Dictation Practice #1 Chinese Dictation Practice #1 (Answers) Exercise: Listen to the recording, and write out the Chinese words […]

Top 500 Chinese Characters (and How to Write Them)

I created this because a) I’m sick of memorising Chinese characters the old-fashioned way; and b) I’m obsessed with collecting Chinese radicals and components. If you’re looking for a systematic way to learn how to memorise all of the common Chinese characters, you’re in the right place. Nothing like this collection exists anywhere else – […]