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Another 12 Common Errors in Chinese English Dictionaries

Here’s another 12 mistakes you might find in Chinese English dictionaries. The first blog I wrote on this topic can found here. 这篇文章是我另外收集的12个中英字典中常见错误。我写的第一篇相同题目的博客,可以在这里读到。   Please note that I have not included in these posts “standard” or “fixed” English translations of Chinese words that are frowned upon by native speakers of English. Take, for example, the […]

Random Trivia #12 – Interesting Conditions

Test your English and Chinese vocabulary level! See how many of these words you can guess. Today’s theme is interesting conditions. Here’s a tip: most of them (but not all) end in 病 bìng (“sickness”) or 症 zhèng (“disease”). Also note many of these are new and popular expressions in Chinese, and some do not […]

Top 12 Errors in Chinese English Dictionaries

Top 12 Errors in Chinese English Dictionaries 中英字典中的12个最常见错误 One of the challenges that Chinese learners of English face is being misled by Chinese English dictionaries, especially online ones. The following is a list of the 12 most common errors I have come across in my translating and teaching work. 学习英文的中国人面临的挑战之一是中英字典的误导,特别是在线的字典。以下是我在翻译和教学过程中遇到的12个最常见的错误。

向“百年国耻”说再见 (Saying Goodbye to National Humiliation)

向“百年国耻”说再见 Saying Goodbye to National Humiliation 梁文道著 Text by Leung Man-tao 傅君恺译 Translation by Carl Gene Fordham   中国在过去十年之间走过的道路还真是奇怪,尤其自媒体取得相对开放的空间以来,明明我们看到中国有诸多问题和困难,但才一回头,却猛然发现自己突然之间竟成了一个叫人艳羡甚至嫉恨的大国了。明明我们是一个受了百年欺凌的发展中国家,这两年在国际媒体上看见的却是一片中国热。明明几年前我们还是那个被人妖魔化的国度,现在却目瞪口呆地看着中文成为各国学生的热门科目。 The road China has been going down over the past decade is really quite strange, especially since the relative liberalisation of the media. Yes, obviously, we can see China has a lot of problems and difficulties, […]

15 Chinese Words Which Have More Than One Meaning in English

I’ve always been curious about words in Chinese which can refer to two more different meanings in English. Here are 15 words I could think of that I have encountered before. If you can think of any more please let me know by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post!   1. 笑 […]

Random Word Trivia #8

Now it’s time for another Random Word Trivia Quiz! Which of these can you guess the Chinese and English for? Answers are at the bottom! (Don’t peek until you can figure them out!) You have a big belly, possibly from too much eating or drinking (noun) You know someone who has a huge vocabulary and […]

Random Word Trivia #7

And now, another round of the Random Word Trivia Quiz… Which of these can you guess the Chinese and English for? Answers are at the bottom!   1. You’re in class when all the sudden you lose your concentration. (verb) 2. Your hungry stomach is making some noises. (verb) 3. After you brush your teeth […]

Random Word Trivia #6 – Education

See how many of these random words you can guess the English and Chinese for! 1. You choose not to attend class. (verb) 2. You are a student who is always sucking up to the teacher. (noun) 3. You did something wrong. The teacher puts you in… (noun) 4. Your parents found out. They punish […]

Random Word Trivia Quiz #5

See how many of these random words you can guess the English and Chinese for!   1. A girl who acts or dresses like a boy. (noun) 2. The person you blame when something goes wrong, even if it’s not their fault. (noun) 3. A word used to describe food which makes you feel full […]

Random Word Trivia Quiz Part 4

With apologies – I think this is the most challenging one yet. But, by all means, have a go and see how many you can guess answers for!   1. When you want to cancel an appointment you have made with a friend. (verb) 2. You have an appointment in a few hours, but until […]