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Lecture #4: How to Improve Your Chinese

Special thanks to Shirly Wang from Education Learning Center for this opportunity. 如何提高汉语水平How to Improve your Chinese 傅君恺(Carl Gene Fordham) 2022.01.27 内容要点 Presentation Overview 一、为什么要学习汉语? 1. Why Learn Chinese? 二、汉语学习的四大技能 2. Four Skills of Learning Chinese 三、 提高汉语语感的四大窍门 3. Four Tricks to Improve Your “Feel” for Chinese 四、问答 4. Q&A

50 Skills and Abilities in Chinese

Lately I’ve noticed that Chinese has many words to describe skills and abilities that English lacks. While some like 杂技 and 想像力 are easy to translate, others are notoriously difficult In particular I found 内功, 号召力 and 悟性 real challenges. Here’s the list I’ve compiled. Note that there are four main suffixes that describe skills […]