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Most Common Corrections from a PhD Examination 博士论文盲审最常见的修改要求

By Tara Brabazon 塔拉·布拉巴赞著Office of Graduate Research 研究生院Flinders University 弗林德斯大学Adelaide, South Australia 南澳大利亚阿德莱德 Tara introduces the — easily avoided — corrections to doctoral theses that emerge during the examination process.塔拉介绍在博士论文盲审过程中经常出现的论文修改要求。如果博士生遵循塔拉的建议,他们很容易就可以避免这些错误。 Problems with the Bibliography 参考文献有问题 Many examiners examine the bibliography (reference list) before reading the thesis itself. 很多外校导师在阅读论文正文前会直接考察参考文献部分。 We are looking for length, depth, and […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Western Transliterations in Chinese

Loan words from English and other Western languages in Mandarin have always interested me for a variety of reasons. However unlike Japanese, Chinese seems very cautious to import words directly into its lexicon via transliteration (that is, creating a new word by matching the sounds of the original one using Mandarin syllables). This post will […]