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Vocabulary for the NAATI Professional Interpreting Examination (English and Chinese)

As I just took my NAATI Professional Interpreting Exam (NAATI三級口譯考試) last week, I thought I’d share with you the vocabulary that I have collected over the past year in preparing for it. There are ten glossaries in total, each with 30 words in total, including: 30 Legal Terms in English and Chinese 30 Medical Terms […]

The Challenges of Protecting the Environment: An English-Chinese Practice Passage

The following is an original text written by me about environmental issues. It can be used as a consecutive interpreting practice, or as study material for IELTS writing or NAATI interpreting training. Enjoy!   The Challenges of Protecting the Environment 环境保护的挑战 Carl Gene Fordham 傅君恺 Firstly, it must be said that tackling environmental issues should […]