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83 Common Criminal Offences in English and Chinese

Note that this is not an official list and that different countries have different names for different offences. Even in Australia, laws and technical terms in courts and legislation differ considerably from state to state, so none of these criminal charges can be considered official titles. Bearing this mind, this list should only be a […]

110 Diseases, Disabilities and Disorders in English and Chinese

This is the sequel to my previous post 66 Common Symptoms in English and Chinese (which has now grown to 102!). This glossary includes all common infectious diseases, disorders, disabilities, chromosomal abnormalities, neurodegenerative disorders, mental disorders, phobias, and so on. Some entries include the formal medical titles, former names and colloquialisms in brackets. Hope you […]

102 Medical Symptoms in English and Chinese

This week I’ve been doing medical interpreting training with my fantastic mentor, Michael. With the help of my talented colleagues (and Google!) I’ve come up with a comprehensive list of common medical symptoms in English and Chinese. Originally it was a list of 66, but now I’ve added an extra 36 to get to 102! […]