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Vocabulary for the NAATI Professional Interpreting Examination (English and Chinese)

As I just took my NAATI Professional Interpreting Exam (NAATI三級口譯考試) last week, I thought I’d share with you the vocabulary that I have collected over the past year in preparing for it. There are ten glossaries in total, each with 30 words in total, including: 30 Legal Terms in English and Chinese 30 Medical Terms […]

Mandarin-English Dialogue #15 – Sexual Harassment Complaint

Briefing Miss Wang is making a complaint to an Equal Employment Opportunity counsellor about an alleged sexual harassment incident involving her employer.   Listen to Dialogue Mandarin-English Dialogue #15 – Sexual Harassment Complaint

Mandarin-English Dialogue #14 – Recruitment Agency

Briefing This is a dialogue between a Mandarin-speaking woman, Ms Luo, and Mr Longman, the CEO of Longman Staffing Services. Ms Luo represents a Chinese media company that is interested in engaging Longman’s recruiting services.   Listen to Dialogue Mandarin-English Dialogue #14 – Recruitment Agency

Mandarin-English Dialogue #7 – Personal Injury Claim

Briefing Chao Liang has come to the office of Adrian Turner, a lawyer working for Bates and Stuart, a law firm in Melbourne. Liang is making an enquiry about personal injury claims on behalf of one of his colleagues who has recently suffered an injury at work.   Listen to Dialogue Mandarin-English Dialogue #7 – […]

49 Trades, Crafts and Occupations in English and Chinese

The following is a glossary of trades (手艺), crafts (工艺) and occupations (职业) in English and Chinese. Basically it’s a run-down of the most common courses you can study at TAFE (or any technical college around the world). The name of the trade/occupation is provided, along with the position title. Professions (e.g. law, medicine, accounting, […]