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第一集——开场白 在中国大陆吗?也可以通过哔哩哔哩观看。 第二集——什么是中式英语? 在中国大陆吗?也可以通过哔哩哔哩观看。 第三集——语码转换 在中国大陆吗?也可以通过哔哩哔哩观看。 第四集——英语口语 在中国大陆吗?也可以通过哔哩哔哩观看。

Another 12 Common Errors in Chinese English Dictionaries

Here’s another 12 mistakes you might find in Chinese English dictionaries. The first blog I wrote on this topic can found here. 这篇文章是我另外收集的12个中英字典中常见错误。我写的第一篇相同题目的博客,可以在这里读到。   Please note that I have not included in these posts “standard” or “fixed” English translations of Chinese words that are frowned upon by native speakers of English. Take, for example, the […]

120 Basic English Grammar Drills (120基础英语语法练习)

把这些简单的中文句子翻译成英语。 Translate these simple Chinese sentences into English. 不要在自己做翻译之前看参考答案! Do not look at the reference answers until you’ve had a try yourself!   120基础英语语法练习 120 Basic English Grammar Drills 医院旁边有一家餐厅。 今天学校里面有很多人。 上海有2400万人口。 三分之二的学生是女孩。 我们去不去取决于天气情况。 有人在厕所里。 有人认为读书无用。 有时候青年人对老人不尊重。 他被一帮年轻人攻击了。 我有一个好消息要告诉你。 他有一个建议要告诉你。 还有三个证据没提交给法庭。 有三个任务还没完成。 他的很多作品我都没读过。 他跟一些韩国公司做生意。 他经营了三家企业。 这些家具不是我的,但有三件是我老板的。 这些衣服不是我的,但有一件是我姐姐的。 那些行李在哪里?我好像把一件行李落在酒店里。 你喜欢吃面包吗?我今天烤了一个面包,你把它切成片吧。 三只羊和五头牛突然不见了。 警方宣称三位警员已经辞职了。 你说世界那么大,其实宇宙更大。 别的学生在哪里?他们不在教室里。 英国女王当然去过泰晤士河。 保险柜的钥匙丢了。 […]

Random Word Trivia #11

Test your English and Chinese vocabulary level! See how many of these words you can guess. You take photos with a long stick. You make a promise with your shortest finger. You demand money for the person you just kidnapped. You look cute wearing a loose piece of clothing that covers your entire body. You […]

向“百年国耻”说再见 (Saying Goodbye to National Humiliation)

向“百年国耻”说再见 Saying Goodbye to National Humiliation 梁文道著 Text by Leung Man-tao 傅君恺译 Translation by Carl Gene Fordham   中国在过去十年之间走过的道路还真是奇怪,尤其自媒体取得相对开放的空间以来,明明我们看到中国有诸多问题和困难,但才一回头,却猛然发现自己突然之间竟成了一个叫人艳羡甚至嫉恨的大国了。明明我们是一个受了百年欺凌的发展中国家,这两年在国际媒体上看见的却是一片中国热。明明几年前我们还是那个被人妖魔化的国度,现在却目瞪口呆地看着中文成为各国学生的热门科目。 The road China has been going down over the past decade is really quite strange, especially since the relative liberalisation of the media. Yes, obviously, we can see China has a lot of problems and difficulties, […]

Random Word Trivia #10

See how many of these random words you can guess the English and Chinese for! 1. You have a bad habit, like smoking or gambling. 2. You have a tool that enables you to appear taller than what you are. 3. You look really similar to a celebrity. 4. You have an argument with someone […]

Common “Society Concepts” in Chinese

Recently I have been busy collecting common “society” concepts in Chinese that are difficult to translate due to social, cultural and political differences that exist between China and the West. Here’s the results of my research. 20 Common “Society Concepts” in Chinese 1. 社会保障 (lit. “social ensurance”): social security 2. 社会安全 (lit. “social safety”): national […]

Random Word Trivia #9 – Marriage

See how many of these random words you can guess the English and Chinese for! This week’s topic is “marriage”! Enjoy! (Note: some of them do not have English equivalents!) 1. Getting married to someone you have only just met. (Chinese) 2. Getting married to someone without having first bought a house, car, or wedding […]

Another 45 Mandarin Sentences with Chinese Characteristics

(This post is a continuation from my previous article “45 Mandarin Sentences with Chinese Characteristics“.) The following is a collection of sentences in Mandarin which I believe are special in some way. What do I mean by “special”? Well, let’s just say grammatically and structurally they’re not exactly typical, and in most cases they stand-alone […]

Random Word Trivia #8

Now it’s time for another Random Word Trivia Quiz! Which of these can you guess the Chinese and English for? Answers are at the bottom! (Don’t peek until you can figure them out!) You have a big belly, possibly from too much eating or drinking (noun) You know someone who has a huge vocabulary and […]