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Random Word Trivia #6 – Education

See how many of these random words you can guess the English and Chinese for! 1. You choose not to attend class. (verb) 2. You are a student who is always sucking up to the teacher. (noun) 3. You did something wrong. The teacher puts you in… (noun) 4. Your parents found out. They punish […]

Random Word Trivia Quiz #5

See how many of these random words you can guess the English and Chinese for!   1. A girl who acts or dresses like a boy. (noun) 2. The person you blame when something goes wrong, even if it’s not their fault. (noun) 3. A word used to describe food which makes you feel full […]

Random Word Trivia Quiz Part 4

With apologies – I think this is the most challenging one yet. But, by all means, have a go and see how many you can guess answers for!   1. When you want to cancel an appointment you have made with a friend. (verb) 2. You have an appointment in a few hours, but until […]

Random Word Trivia Quiz Part 3

Here’s another one – I’m on a roll! See how many you can get right – and you get bonus points if you can guess the translation into your second language.   1. You’re famous for doing bad things. (adjective) 2. You can hear the sound of people having sex. (noun) 3. You’re obsessed with […]

Random Word Trivia Quiz Part 2

Now let’s see how you go with Part 2 of the Random Word Trivia Quiz Translation Challenge. Remember, your goal is to guess both the English and Chinese expression for each question. You get double points if you can guess it in your second language!   1. Someone who stays inside home a lot, plays […]

10 Words for “Rich” (“Wealthy”) in English and Mandarin

I’ve got a vocabulary challenge for you. How many words for “rich” (as in “wealthy”) can you think of in English off the top of your head? Now, how many can you think of in Mandarin? I’ve collected ten of each that I will share with you now.

8 Words for Popular in Mandarin

I’ve often pondered about how many words really exist in Mandarin for “popular” and so I’ve done my research and come up with what seems to be a pretty definitive list. For the purposes of this post, there is a distinction made between “popular” (known by many people) and universal (“affecting everyone/everything”), the latter of […]

Top 20 One-Character Adjectives in Mandarin

Here’s my favourite one-character adjectives in Mandarin. Big thanks to Bo and Jee for their help with explanations and translations. 1. 牛 niú. Original meaning: cow. New meaning: awesome. Derives from the common online slang expression 牛逼 niúbī (“cow’s vagina”). 2. 土 tǔ. Original meaning: dirt. New meaning: unsophisticated, especially of rednecks, hicks, bogans, etc. […]

222 English Emotions Translated into Chinese

Here’s my piece pièce de résistance: a masterlist of English emotions, faithfully rendered into Chinese by me and my fantastic friends Yangyang and Bo. A lot of these definitions and explanations you won’t find in the dictionary because they have been tailored specifically to an emotional context. I’ve also included English definitions so it’s clear […]