Between Languages 017: How To Translate Chinese “Society” into English


Today we are dedicating a whole episode to discussing the translation of just one word: 社会 shèhuì, “society”. Like many modern concepts (economy, science, culture, etc.) the exact term did not exist natively in the Chinese language. As a result, it is used very differently in Chinese as compared to English, which can create problems for beginning and professional translators alike..

Between Languages 015: How to Translate Proper Nouns Between Chinese and English


For many translators, the names of people, places, and organizations are not a big challenge. However, when translating between Chinese and English, they can be very time-consuming to deal with. In this week’s podcast, I explore some of the common issues and offer advice to beginning and advanced translators alike.

Interpreting Speech #20 – Achievements of China’s Space Program (Mandarin-into-English)


You have been asked to interpret for a representative from the Chinese space program. Your translation will be used by mainstream media from around the Anglosphere.

Listen to Speech

Interpreting Speech #20 – Achievements of China’s Space Program (Mandarin-into-English)

Transcript and reference translation

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Critiquing James Legge’s Translation of the Liji (Conference Presentation)


In this video I present my paper titled, “Documentary, Interpretive, and Expressive Issues in James Legge’s Translation of the Liji (Book of Rites)” at “A Crisis, or a New Direction? Reconsidering the Translation of Chinese Philosophy” hosted by Lingnan University, 9-10 May, 2021.


How to Type a Chinese Character You Don’t Know How to Read 如何打出一个你不会念的汉字


Have you ever come across a Chinese character you have no idea how to read? In this tutorial I show you four methods to type an unknown hanzi on your computer or mobile device. Hope you find this useful!