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Between Languages 002: From Pick-up Artists to Photobombs

也可以通过喜马拉雅收听。 Words of the Week 1. 上头 shàngtóu 2. 实锤 shíchuí 3. 渣男 zhānán 4. 鱼塘 yútáng 5. 海王 hǎiwáng 6. social death /ˈsəʊʃ(ə)l dɛθ/ 7. whataboutery /wɒtəˈbaʊtəri/ 8. gaslighting /ˈɡaslʌɪtɪŋ/ 9. dark pattern /dɑːk ˈpat(ə)n/ 10. photobomb /ˈfəʊtəʊbɒm/

Between Languages 001: From Humblebragging to Virtue Signalling

Dear Learners of Chinese: Dear Learners of English: Dear Translators: I am very excited to announce the launch of my new podcast “Between Languages”! On the show we will be discussing the art and fun of translation, in particular how we can better translate between the Chinese and English languages. Feel free to join in […]