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  1. Carl’s Top 100 Chinese Words – Part 2

    Words chosen in this post 26. 搭讪 dāshàn, 27. 走光 zǒuguāng, 28. 默认 mòrèn, 29. 领情 lǐngqíng, 30. 碰头 pèngtóu, 31. 坦率 tǎnshuài, 32. 打量 dǎliang, 33. 拜托 bàituō, 34. 发福 fāfú, 35. 山寨 shānzhài, 36. 靠谱 kàopǔ, 37. 郁闷 yùmèn, 38. 有种 yǒuzhǒng, 39. 臭美 chòuměi, 40. 无奈 wúnài, 41. 陶醉 táozuì, 42. 陪衬 […]

  2. Carl’s Top 100 Chinese Words – Part 1

    Here is Part 1 of 100 absolutely fascinating words in Chinese that you really should know. These are quintessential Mandarin words – so quintessential that if you don’t happen to know them I’d say you’re really missing out! I’d say all of these are quite common both in speaking and writing – they’re also highly […]

  3. Top 111 Chinese Slang from 2008 to 2018

    Happy New Year! To see in the New Year I thought I’d share with you a list of the Top 111 Chinese slang expressions from 2008 to 2018 I’ve compiled. Note: I refuse to include meaningless terms like “duang” and “skr”. Sorry. Look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions. I’m sure some of the […]

  4. Beginner’s Guide to Chinese History #1: The Periodization of Ancient Chinese History

    Hi everyone. I’m creating this podcast for Chinese learners who want to learn a bit about Chinese history. Each podcast provides a concise, easy-to-understand introduction to a particular aspect of Chinese history. It is also a useful resource for listening practice, as I’ve asked my friends to speak clearly and at a slow pace. I […]

  5. An Introduction to Criminal Law Terms in English and Chinese (+ Glossary)

    The following is an introduction to commonly used terms in criminal law (刑法) that I’ve collected over the years of translating and teaching interpreting. The focus is mainly on vocabulary common in Australian and British law. At the end of this post is a glossary of all the terms mentioned (150 in total!) Disclaimer: I […]

  6. 25 Common Abbreviations in Mandarin

    I’ve had a number of readers ask me when I’ll be updating Parts 3 and 4 of the Top 100 Chinese Words feature. They’re currently  a work in progress; I hope this list of common Mandarin abbreviations can tie you over in the meantime. If you can think of any good ones to add let […]

  7. 15 Chinglish Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

    The purpose of this post is to explain some of the most common errors made by Chinese students writing English, as well as students translating into English from Chinese, who perhaps have trouble creating natural English expressions when at the mercy of Chinglish words and structures. I hope translation students and Chinese ESL students find […]