Interpreting Speech #22 – Global Women’s Summit (Mandarin-into-English)


You have been asked to interpret for a Mandarin-speaking politician who is giving a speech at an international conference in Beijing on gender equality.

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Interpreting Speech #22 – Global Women’s Summit (Mandarin-into-English)

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尊敬的潘基文秘书长,尊敬的姆兰博-努卡主任,尊敬的各位同事,女士们,先生们,朋友们:在联合国成立70周年、北京世界妇女大会召开20周年之际,我们在这里举行全球妇女峰会,为促进男女平等和妇女发展重申承诺、共谋未来,意义重大。 Your excellencies, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, distinguished Director Mlambo Ngcuka, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen and friends: On the 70th anniversary of the founding of the United Nations and the 20th World Conference on Women in Beijing, we are here at the Global Women’s Summit to reaffirm our commitment to gender equality and women’s development and to work together for the future.

妇女是物质文明和精神文明的创造者,是推动社会发展和进步的重要力量。没有妇女,就没有人类,就没有社会。追求男女平等的事业是伟大的。纵观历史,没有妇女解放和进步,就没有人类解放和进步。 Women are the creators of civilization in both its material and immaterial forms, and an important force in the development of society. Without women, there would be no human beings or society. The cause of pursuing equality between men and women is great. Without the liberation and progress of women throughout history, there would be no liberation or progress of humankind.

为实现男女平等的崇高理想,人类走过了不平坦、不平凡的历程。从200多年前世界第一份妇女权利宣言诞生,到“三八”国际劳动妇女节的设立,到联合国成立妇女地位委员会,到通过《消除对妇女一切形式歧视公约》,妇女事业发展的每一步都推动了人类文明进步。 In order to realize equality between men and women, mankind has gone through an uneven and extraordinary course. From the world’s first declaration on women’s rights more than 200 years ago, to the establishment of International Working Women’s Day on March 8, with the establishment of the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations and the adoption of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women, every step in the development of the cause of women has contributed to the advancement of human civilization.

20年前,在北京,第四次世界妇女大会通过了《北京宣言》和《行动纲领》,达成促进男女平等、保障妇女权利的战略目标和政策框架。今天,北京世界妇女大会所宣示的精神,在世界催生了积极变化。 Twenty years ago, in Beijing, the Fourth World Conference on Women adopted the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, which reached strategic goals and policy frameworks to promote equality between men and women and guarantee women’s rights. This has led to positive changes around the world.

各国追求男女平等共识日益强化,推动妇女发展行动更趋多样化,妇女生存发展环境不断优化。联合国妇女署做了大量工作,值得充分肯定。经过持续不断努力,许多以前遥不可及的梦想已经成为现实。 The consensus of various countries to pursue equality between men and women has been strengthened, the actions to promote women’s development have become more diversified, and the environment for women’s survival and development has been continuously optimized. I would like to commend UN Women on the huge amount of work it has done for women. By way of perseverance, we have turned many unimaginable dreams into reality.

全球143个国家通过立法明确规定男女平等,妇女参与政治经济活动在法律上已经没有障碍,妇女接受教育、婚姻自由、职业自由等已经成为社会共识。 Men and women are deemed to be equal in the legislation of 143 countries. Legally, they can participate in politics and economic activities without any barriers. We have also found common ground that they can have access to education, as well as freedom of marriage and occupation.

同时,环顾世界,各国各地区妇女发展水平仍然不平衡,男女权利、机会、资源分配仍然不平等,社会对妇女潜能、才干、贡献的认识仍然不充分。现在全球8亿贫困人口中,一半以上是妇女。每当战乱和疫病来袭,妇女往往首当其冲。 Meanwhile, the development of women still remains imbalanced in many countries and regions worldwide. Rights, opportunities and resources between men and women are not equal. People seem do not seem to really understand women’s potential, talent and contribution to society. Women comprise more than half of the 800 million people living in poverty around the world. They are always first to be affected by wars and diseases.

面对恐怖和暴力肆虐,妇女也深受其害。时至今日,针对妇女的各种形式歧视依然存在,虐待甚至摧残妇女的事情时有发生。事实表明,实现男女平等,还需要我们付出巨大努力。我们要不懈努力,为妇女事业发展开辟广阔道路。谢谢大家! They are vulnerable to terror and violence. Even today, different forms of discrimination against women still exist and so does maltreatment or even abuse. Thus, to achieve equality between men and women, we must assist with the development of the cause of women. Thank you.

Adapted for educational purposes from 习近平在全球妇女峰会上的讲话.

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