Between Languages 010: From Licking Dogs to Brain Fogs

Between Languages #10

Words of the Week

1. 舔狗 tiǎngǒu

2. 安利 ānlì

3. 田園女權 tiányuán nǚquán

4. 文藝青年 wényì qīngnián

5. 暴風哭泣 bàofēngkūqì

6. binge-watch /bɪn(d)ʒ wɒtʃ/

7. snowflake /ˈsnəʊfleɪk/

8. fracking /ˈfrakɪŋ/

9. hot take /hɒt teɪk/

10. brain fog /breɪn fɒɡ/

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  1. Linda's Gravatar Linda
    08/02/2021 - 3:29 pm | Permalink

    Hi Carl, I just came onto your site today. Have you ever written a blog post or article on why certain words of countries or big cities are sometimes translated almost phonetically or they have an actual meaning behind it. For example: San Francisco is literally translated to be “Old Gold Mountain” while Canada is 加拿大 (Jia Na Da) but then the US is “Beautiful Country” while France is “French Country” (which makes sense) . Same thing with cities like London, Toronto, Montreal, they are all phonetic. How do the Chinese agree on the correct translation between interpretation and phonetic?

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