Interpreting Speech #18 – Blue Bays Program (Mandarin-into-English)


You have been called to interpret at a conference on environmental protection in Tianjin. Your client is a government representative who is introducing the Blue Bays Program which aims to improve the quality of marine environments in China.

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Interpreting Speech #18 – Blue Bays Program (Mandarin-into-English)

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近年来,中国海洋生态环境形势严峻,近岸海域环境问题突出,面临着种种问题,比如滨海湿地面积缩减、自然岸线减少和生态系统受到威胁。 In recent years, China’s marine environment has been in a terrible state. Numerous environmental problems on the coast have emerged, such as shrinkage of coastal wetlands, reduction of natural shorelines and threats to ecosystems.

在此,我想谈谈“蓝色海湾”行动。自2016年起,中国开始着力进行海洋生态整治修复工作,以海湾为重点,拓展至海湾毗邻海域和其他受损区域,最终的目标是要实现“水清、岸绿、滩净、湾美”。 Here, I would like to talk about the Blue Bays Program. Since 2016, China been working on restoring marine environments, focusing on the Gulf, extending to adjacent areas, and other damaged areas. The ultimate goal is to bring about clear waters, pristine shores, clean beaches and beautiful bays.

有专家指出,实际上对海洋环境影响最大的是人类活动。工业排放和生活污水的排放对海洋造成了很大的影响,因此总的来说,海洋环境污染主要是人类活动引起来的,所以说我们十八大提出来要陆海统筹,既要管好海洋上的事情,还要管好陆地上的事情。 Some experts point out that human activities are in fact the biggest influencers on the marine environment. Industrial emissions and domestic sewage emissions have a great impact on the ocean, so in general, marine pollution is mainly caused by human activities. Thus, we proposed during the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to improve management of both our lands and our seas.

“蓝色海湾”整治行动的开展主要是通过一些技术工程手段,对原来已经受损的生态环境进行整治修复,使它恢复到原有的功能和水平。以“蓝色海湾”整治工程为抓手,绿色发展、人海和谐、生态健康的美丽海湾越来越多。 The Blue Bays Program mainly involves a number of technical engineering methods. Original damage to the ecological environment will be repaired and restored to its original function and quality. With the help of the Program, there will more beautiful bays featuring green development, social harmony and healthy environments.

在这里我想举个例子。浙江省温州市洞头区在保护海洋环境上成果显著。2015年,洞头区给全区农村用户铺设排污管道,对生活污水处理率达82%。针对工业排放,将违规排污的重点污染源企业,采取关停、拆除、取缔的办法,实现所有企业规范排污。 Here I’d like to give an example. In Dongtou District, Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, major achievements have been made in protecting the marine environment. In 2015, the government of Dongtou District built sewage piping for all the farmers in the area, and the rate of sanitary sewage disposal is now 82%. For industrial sewage treatment, businesses that are the sources of pollution will be closed down, pulled down and banned from operating. This will mean all enterprises will be able to meet the standards for sewage discharge.

为了修复生态系统,当地每年为环境和生态建设工作提供不少于800万元的经费。经过不懈努力后,当地近5年的社会旅游综合收入达92.2亿元,年均增长17.1%,充分表明绿水青山就是金山银山。 To restore the ecosystem, local governments have provided no less than 8 million yuan for environmental protection. Through tireless efforts, local aggregate tourism revenue has reached 9.22 billion yuan over the past five years, maintaining an average annual growth rate of 17.1%. This fully demonstrates that crystal-clear waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.

当地官员表示,宁愿经济发展慢一点,也要把这个生态保护好。但实际上,通过特色保护以后,当地旅游业得到极大发展。我们这几年游客的增长量,每年都20%,我们的经济也没有拖后腿,2016年和2017年地方财政收入增长25%以上。 Local officials are resolved to protect the environment even if that means sacrificing economic growth. In reality, however, local tourism has developed rapidly since special protection measures were put in place. The number of tourists has grown 20% each year, and the economy has not been held back either. In 2016 and 2017, local fiscal revenue grew by over 25%.

截至2017年12月,浙江省有18个城市开展海洋环境保护工程,其中部分已接近竣工,大量岸线、滨海湿地得到修复,海湾里的水质越来越好,植被和沙滩又回到了原来的模样,这是海湾应该有的风景,也是“蓝色海湾”工程的目的。 By December 2017, 18 cities in Zhejiang province had carried out programs to preserve their coastal environments, and some of these are near completion. Owing to these efforts, many coastlines and coastal wetlands have been improved greatly, the water quality in the bays is becoming better and better, and the vegetation and sand beaches have been restored to their original state. That is what the landscapes should look like, and is precisely what the Blue Bays Program aims to achieve.

值得注意的是,任何一种生态环境的建设都需要不懈努力,除了当下的整治修复,更需要长期管理保护,只有这样海湾才能保持蓝色,海洋生态文明才能够可持续发展。所以,对海洋的整治修复,绝不是一时的政府面子工程,而应当是长期贯彻的民生工程。 It is worth pointing out that the construction of any kind of ecological environment requires perseverance. In addition to the current restoration efforts, long-term management and protection is also necessary. Only by doing this can the Gulf maintain its natural hue, and the marine environment can continue to develop sustainably. Therefore, the renovation of the marine environment is not a temporary government vanity project, but a long-term endeavour in the interests of the people.

有着政府的支持,加上民众的理解,我坚信中国在海洋环境保护上会做得越来越好,国际社会也将看到一个重视海洋环境的负责任大国的出现。 With the support of the Government and the understanding of the people, I firmly believe that China will do better in marine environmental protection. The international community will also see the emergence of a responsible country that takes its marine environment seriously.

Adapted for educational purposes from 央视《焦点访谈》:修复“蓝色港湾”,创建绿色未来.

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