Interpreting Speech #15 – GPs in China (Mandarin-into-English)


You have accepted an assignment to interpret at a medical conference in Hangzhou, China. The topic of this conference is “The Development of General Practitioners in China”.

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Interpreting Speech #15 – GPs in China (Mandarin-into-English)

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我们为什么要发展全科医生?又该怎么发展呢?全科医生的现状又是怎样的呢?全科医生给居民提供多方面的服务,比如健康评估与规划、点对点管理服务和对特殊人群提供上门服务,做到疾病早发现早治疗,因此全科医生也被称为健康的守门人。Why should we develop general practitioners in China? How should we develop them? And what is the status quo? General practitioners provide various services for residents, such as health evaluation and planning, end-to-end health management services and in-home services for people with special needs. We are able to carry out early diagnosis and treatment. Because of this, general practitioners are also known as health guardians.

现中国有很多社区卫生服务中心,但是很多人总觉得大医院更靠谱,无论大病小病,都会往大医院跑。我们想劝大家,大病去大医院看,常见病在社区找全科医生看。 There are many community health care centres in China at the moment, but many people would rather go to large hospitals than small ones, no matter what their conditions are, because they believe that large hospitals are more reliable. We suggest you go to large hospitals when you get serious conditions, and for common ailments, see a general practitioner in your community.

和去大医院相比,去社区卫生服务中心有很多优势,第一花钱少,第二离家近,第三医生很随和,跟家人一样。全科医生不仅治病,而且是在照顾人,进行一种人文关怀、心灵上的安慰和各方面的帮助。Compared with large hospitals, there are many advantages of going to a community healthcare centre. Firstly, it’s cheaper. Secondly, it is much closer to your home. Thirdly, the doctors there are very friendly, and will treat you like family. General practitioners not only treat your health problems but also provide care with a human touch, offer moral support and assistance in all kinds of areas.

全科医生也是专科医生的一种,与内科、外科等其他专科医生只是分工不同。专科医生专注于某一领域,而全科医生,主要在基层提供基本医疗卫生服务,要求知识面更宽。除了基本医疗服务以外,全科医生也给社区普及健康常识。A general practitioner is also a kind of a specialist like a surgeon or internal medicine practitioner – they just take charge of different aspects. Specialists focus on a particular field while general practitioners mainly focus on primary healthcare. This requires a wide range of knowledge. Aside from primary care, general practitioners also raise the public’s awareness of elementary health knowledge.

2011年,国务院发布《关于建立全科医生制度的指导意见》推进全科医生制度队伍建设。按照意见要求,截止到2020年,中国每万名城乡居民将拥有2至3名合格的全科医生,可惜目前这个数目只有1.5人。In 2011, the State council issued a set of guidelines on establishing a system of general practitioners. According to the guidelines, by 2020, two or three qualified general practitioners will be needed per 10,000 people in China. Unfortunately, the number is just 1.5 now.

我们一定要把全科医生的队伍给建设好,让老百姓感觉到我们的家门口确实有信得过的健康‘守门人’。没有全民健康,就没有全面小康。全科医生在其中起到的就是健康大厦基石的作用。而要把这个基础打牢,一要有数量,二要有质量。We must train more qualified general practitioners so the general public know there really are trust-worthy health guardians around them. After all, China cannot develop into a moderately prosperous society if the health of its population cannot be safeguarded. General practitioners are the foundation of this cause. For a solid foundation, both quantity and quality are important.

但是目前,中国全科医生的缺口还很大,整体医疗质量也有待进一步提高。这也是建设分级诊疗制度必须要面对的问题,如何解决,我今天下午会和大家一起探讨,谢谢。However, at present, the number of general practitioners in China is still lacking, and the overall quality of the healthcare system needs to be improved. This is also a problem that must be faced in setting up a system of tiered diagnosis and treatment. As for how to solve these problems, I will discuss that with you this afternoon. Thank you.

Adapted for educational purposes from the episode 全科医生调查(一) 管健康的医生 on the Chinese current affairs program 焦点访谈.

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