English Translations of the 13 Chinese Classics 十三经英译大全

For anyone interested, the blog run by the Journal of Chinese Humanities at Shandong University has published a catalogue I collated of all the complete translations into English of the 13 Chinese classics (十三經).

You can check it out here:

English Translations of The 13 Chinese Classics: A Catalogue By Carl Gene Fordham

It was originally posted on the WeChat account one of my classmates at BeiDa runs. You can read the original article here:

十三经英译大全 | 汉籍经典英译系列

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    What an amazing list! And even more amazing that they could come up with cover scans for all of them. It would be extremely interesting to see how translators (especially the earlier ones) have tackled the very different concepts found in ancient Chinese texts. It’s not as though people could just look up a dictionary and find the definition of 德 or 仁.

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    Wilhelm, Richard (???). The I Ching or Book of Changes. First published 1923 in German. Later translated into English by Cary Baynes in 1950. Bollingen Series 19. Introduction by Carl G. Jung. New York: Pantheon Books. d edition 1967. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Reprinted numerous times.

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