The Lazy Man’s Guide to the Shuowen Jiezi Radicals 《說文解字》部首懶人指南

I have created this resource for anyone who would like to familiarize themselves with the various Shuowen Jiezi (《說文解字》) radicals without having to read the original text in its entirety. I have also included handwritten versions of the most common characters from the Qianziwen (《千字文》) by the Qing-dynasty calligrapher Deng Shiru (鄧石如) in seal script (篆書). In the Appendix there is a typed-out version of Deng’s Qianziwen so you can easily look up the Shuowen radical for each character, as well as its modern Mandarin reading in Hanyu Pinyin. I have also noted different character forms used by Deng, especially in comparison with Zhi Yong’s (智永) Guanzhongben Qianziwen (《關中本千字文》), another well-known calligraphic work of the Qianziwen.

This resource will be particularly useful for students of Chinese philology and paleography, as most of us need to have a good understanding of the Shuowen radicals. Calligraphy enthusiasts may also find it helpful, especially those who want to work on their seal script, though it should be used in conjunction with a good quality copybook (字帖).


The Lazy Man’s Guide to the Shuowen Jiezi Radicals

With Seal Script Calligraphy by Deng Shiru (1743–1805)



Compiled by Carl Gene Fordham 傅君愷編

Download PDF here.

Note: Best printed two pages to one A4 page.

注:最好每版打印 2 页。

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