Basic Spoken English American English Edition 《基础英语口语美式英语版本》

The American English Edition of Basic Spoken English is now ready for download. Check it out!

I wrote this textbook last week for Chinese students wishing to improve their spoken English (英语口语), but English teachers in China may also find this a useful resource in the classroom.

The first lesson includes a breakdown of all the basic sounds of the English language. I have recorded both a male and female version of the mp3 which students can practice. The rest of the lessons are made up of short dialogues for students to listen to and role-play. You can find translations into Chinese of the key vocabulary in the Basic Spoken English PDF.



Link to the British English Edition of Basic Spoken English.



Download Basic Spoken English American English Edition (PDF)


Lesson 1: Female Consonants
Lesson 1: Female Vowels
Lesson 1: Male Consonants
Lesson 1: Male Vowels
Lesson 2: Striking up a conversation
Lesson 3: Making a hotel reservation
Lesson 4: Making a call to a friend
Lesson 5: Asking for directions
Lesson 6: Dining out Part 1
Lesson 7: Dining out Part 2
Lesson 8: Asking a favour
Lesson 9: Catching up with an old friend
Lesson 10: Visiting a sick friend
Lesson 11: Late for a meeting
Lesson 12: Returning an item to a shop
Lesson 13: A visit from an old friend
Lesson 14: Discussing a crush
Lesson 15: Asking someone out on a date
Lesson 16: Going out on a date
Lesson 17: Encounter with a nosy stranger
Lesson 18: Ringing to change an appointment time
Lesson 19: At a party
Lesson 20: At the emergency room Part 1
Lesson 21: At the emergency room Part 2
Lesson 22: In a bad mood
Lesson 23: At the visitor’s center
Lesson 24: Bumping into someone

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    Hi Carl,
    Can you provide us with more interpreting dialogues? It seems that it has been a long time since your last post.

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    Hello to all! Thanx for this blog.

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