Carl’s Recommended English Vocabulary – Part 2

Here’s the next batch of vocabulary I recommend my students learn. They represent the most common words used in everyday spoken and written English according to various corpora. 这是下一批我建议学生学习的词汇。按照各种语料库,它们代表日常生活中的英语口语和书面的最常用词语。

In preparing these lists I discovered that some of the most common words native speakers of English use every day are often completely unknown to Chinese learners of English. Evidently, English textbooks published in China sometimes fail to include some of the most frequently used vocabulary. 在准备这些词汇表的时候,我发现以英语为母语的人日常使用得最频繁的词语经常对学习英语的中国人而言是完全未知的。显然,中国出版的英语课本有时候会遗漏一些最常用的词汇。

Let me reiterate that vocabulary should only be one part of your learning; it is not a magic bullet that will suddenly transform you into a fluent user of English. Your focus should still be on using the language as often as you can. That being said, boosting your vocabulary level will help you gain confidence and allow you to communicate more flexibly in a variety of situations. 让我重申一遍,词汇只是你学习的一个组成部分而已;词汇不是一种妙招,它不可能瞬间让你的英文突飞猛进。你的焦点还是应该放在应用英语上,尽可能多地应用。尽管如此,提高词汇量有助于提高自信,也会让你在各种场合中沟通地更灵活一些。


I hope everyone can enjoy using English to communicate with people from all over the world. 我希望大家能够享受用英文与来自全世界不同地区的人交流而带来的快乐!

Download Carl’s Recommended English Vocabulary – Part 2


Download Carl’s Recommended English Vocabulary – Part 2 here

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