Mandarin English Dialogue #36 – Marketing Strategy


You have been called to interpret for a Mandarin-Speaking Employee (MSE) and an English-Speaking Consultant (ESC). They are talking about how the Chinese company can improve its marketing strategy in China and South-East Asia.


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Mandarin English Dialogue #36 – Marketing Strategy

Transcript and reference translation

MSE: 下午好,我很高兴终于见到您了。你一路飞来愉快吗?(Good afternoon. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. Did you have a pleasant flight?)

ESC: It was fine. Thanks for inviting me. I’m looking forward to helping your company improve its market share. I’ve read through the document your CEO emailed me, and I’ve got a few questions. (挺愉快的。谢谢您邀请我。我非常期待能够帮您提高贵公司的市场份额。我已经通读了您的总裁电邮给我的文件,我还有一些问题想问您。)

MSE: 我正要问您呢。正如您所知,我们聘请您的主要原因就是想提高我们的品牌形象,特别是在我们连锁店生意冷清的城市,比如澳门、香港和台北。(I was about to ask you about that. As you know, the main reason we hired you is to improve our brand image, especially in cities where our chains stores are not doing so well, such as those in Macau, Hong Kong and Taipei.)

ESC: Yes. It is unfortunate that, while your flagship store in Shanghai is doing so well, your sales figures for some of the other stores are a tad disappointing. (是的。很遗憾的是,贵公司的上海旗舰店生意如此红火,而其他店的销售额却不尽如人意。)

MSE: 因为您已经读了我们的季度报告,那么您明白我们现在的处境了。我们想要将我们的市场份额扩展到年轻的人群中。我们希望您的专业知识派得上用场。(You’ve read our quarterly report, so you understand the situation we are in. We want to expand our market share in the younger demographic. We’re hoping that’s where your expertise will come in handy.)

ESC: Well, I’m very happy to be on board. When will the next meeting with the board of directors will be held? I’d like to go over some of my ideas with you. (嗯,我非常高兴能够加入你们的行列。下次的董事会是什么时候的?我想和您再谈谈我一些的想法。)

MSE: 我们知道您周天就要飞回伦敦了,所以我们已经在周四上午安排了一场会议。我们也希望您可以给我们一些关于如何瞄准那些新兴市场,比如越南和柬埔寨。(We know you are flying back to London on Sunday, so we have arranged a meeting for Thursday morning. We also hope you can give us some advice about how to target emerging markets like those in Vietnam and Cambodia.)

ESC: After I check in to my hotel tonight I’ll start writing up a plan for this. I think your company is in a great position to outperform your competitors if you take advantage of the opportunities these new markets are bringing you. (在我今晚入住酒店以后,我会对此草拟一份计划。我认为如果你们公司可以利用这些新市场带来的机遇,那么你们的公司将处于一个有利的位置,打败你们的对手。)

MSE: 这点我再同意不过了。我们很幸运能找到像您这样在东南亚零售业经验丰富的顾问。这是我们中国的文房四宝,一点心意,略表寸心。(I couldn’t agree more. We are so lucky to have found a consultant like you who has such great experience in the retail sector in South-East Asia. Please accept this gift as a small token of our appreciation. It’s a traditional Chinese stationery set.)

ESC: What an exquisite gift! Thank you very much. I think we’ll make a great team. (好精致的礼物!真是太谢谢你们了。我想我们一定会合作愉快的。)

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    Thanks for posting. I always enjoy having clear material to practice with. I’m toying with the idea of becoming an interpreter at some point, and it is great to have resources like your blog available!

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