Mandarin English Dialogue #33 – Setting Up a Bank Account


A Mandarin-speaking man has called a bank to set up a new account. He is being served by an English-speaking teller.

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Mandarin-English Dialogue #33 – Setting Up a Bank Account

Transcript and reference translation

Teller: Good afternoon. How can I help you? (下午好,请问我能帮到你什么吗?)

Customer: 我想开个新账户。(I would like to set up a new account.)

Teller: Certainly. Were you after a savings account, a loan account, or something else? (没问题。你想开个储蓄帐户,还是贷款帐户,还是其他种类的帐户呢?)

Customer: 我想开个简单的储蓄帐户。我也想能够通过网络来查帐户余额,进行网上交易等等。(I would like to open a simple savings account. I would also like to be able to use the Internet to check my account balance, do online transactions, and so on.)

Teller: OK. Can I get your name and birthdate? (好的。请问你的名字和出生日期是什么?)

Customer: 我的名字叫陈荣,我是在1980年6月4号出生的。(My name is Chen Rong. I was born 4 June 1980.)

Teller: And your postal address? (你的信箱地址是什么?)

Customer: 澳大利亚,维多利亚洲,墨尔本,King街,92号,8单位。邮政编码是 3000。(8/92 King St, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000.)

Teller: Could I also get your phone number and email? (请问你的电话号码和邮箱是什么?)

Customer: 我的手机号码是0402485104,电子邮件是 。(My mobile number is 0402 485 104. My email is

Teller: OK. Give me a moment, I’ll just put those details into our system. What kind of personal ID do you have? (好的。请等一下,我把这些信息输入我们的系统。你有什么样的个人身份证明证件?)

Customer: 我有中国护照,号码是5844910009847125。(I have a Chinese passport. The number is 5844910009847125.)

Teller: Thank you. Now there are a few terms and conditions we’ll need to go through before I can open your account. (谢谢。在我为你开设新帐户之前,需要先谈一谈一些条款。)

Customer: 好的,没问题。(OK. No problem.)

Teller: The good news is that the interest rate for our savings account is 3.5% per annum, and we do not have a monthly fee to maintain the account. (有个好消息要告诉你,我们的储蓄帐户的利息率是每年3.5%,而且没有每月的月费。)

Customer: 那也就是为什么我最后选了你的银行。虽然你的知名度比知名银行低一些,但是你们的费用很低,而且服务貌似很不错。(That’s why I decided to go with your bank. Although you are less known than the other major banks, your fees are low and you seem to have pretty good service too.)

Teller: That’s great to hear. You should know, however, that using an ATM which is not owned by our bank will incur a $2 fee. (很高兴听到你这样说。可是,你应该知道,使用其他银行的取款机会被收取2块钱的费用。)

Customer: 我知道的。然而,在我家附近有一家你们的分行,而且我看到在市中心有挺多你们银行的取款机 。(I know that. However, there is a branch near my house, and I saw there are quite a few of your bank’s ATMs in the CBD.)

Teller: That’s right. There’s an app you can download to help you locate ATMs, it can be quite useful. Now, I’ll need to obtain an initial deposit from you. (你说得对。你也可以下载一个软件来帮你寻找取款机,挺有用的。那我先需要你给我预存金额。)

Customer: 没问题的。我在另外一个帐户有150澳币,我现在可以转给你。(No problem. I have $150 Australian dollars in another bank account which I can now transfer.)

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  1. Jason's Gravatar Jason
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    月费 翻的很到位。

  2. lukas's Gravatar lukas
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    1. I think there should have an ‘on” before his birth day
    2. C an I translate the initial deposit into 首次存款/开户存款. That is my first response.
    3. 我现在转给你, is a good trap for Chinese. Haha

  3. 04/05/2019 - 2:01 am | Permalink

    This is beautiful, Carl. Can I include it as bibliography for a Chinese-Spanish translation and interpretation course I am currently putting together? I will surely name you as the author.
    Best regards,
    Rodrigo M.

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    G’day Carl,

    I just stumbled upon your website today while looking for tutoring material for some Aussie boys I’m helping with Chinese. First of all, your website is a god-send for me – I am in the ELICOS sector and not surprisingly most of my students are Chinese. I speak and write in Mandarin at intermediate level but need constant practice.

    Two observations about this dialogue, which by the way is really good:
    1) In the line “在我家附件有一家你们的分行…” shouldn’t 附件 be 附近?
    2) I believe most Australian banks don’t have ATM fees now, but that’s a small detail.

    Thanks again,

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