Mandarin-English Dialogue #18 – Drug Possession


A drug possession charge has been brought against a Mandarin-speaking woman, Miss Wu, after a tip-off alerted police to a possible supplier operating from her residence. Wu is being interviewed by Police Constable Granger following the discovery of various controlled substances within her rented property in Fitzroy.


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Mandarin-English Dialogue #18 – Drug Possession


Granger: Miss Wu, this interview is to determine whether or not you knew controlled substances were being illegally stored at your rental property, and also to determine if you or persons known to you intended to supply these substances, or have done so already. Do you understand? (吴女士,这次谈话目的在于判断您是否早就知道有管制药物非法储存在您租来的屋子中,另外还在于判断您或者您所认识的人是否打算卖出这些药品,或者已经开始卖了。您明白吗?)

Wu: 我知道。但是你必须明白,我根本不瞭解毒品。我只知道这个是违法的而且我的室友有时候会吸。[I understand. But you must know, I have very little knowledge about drugs. I only know that they are illegal and my housemate sometimes likes to use them.]

Granger: I see, Miss Wu, however we must question you in order to determine if you knew about the presence of these drugs, and if in fact you had ownership of any. You claim your housemate uses drugs, but did you also indulge in them yourself? (我知道了,吴女士。但是我们还是必须审问您,以了解您是否知道这些药品的存在,以及您自己是否也拥有一些药品。您宣称您的室友吸毒,您自己吸过吗?)

Wu: 不,警官。我很害怕它可能会对我产生的影响。我听说有人死于吸毒过量,我很害怕。我觉得我室友太疯狂了。[No, officer. I’m too scared of what they might do to me. I have heard stories about people dying from overdoses and it scares me. I think my housemate is crazy.]

Granger: Miss Wu, we found quite a variety of different drugs in your flat, which aroused our suspicion that perhaps somebody was trafficking them, which is an even greater offence than possession. (吴女士,我们在您的房子里找到了各种各样的药品,这不禁让我们怀疑有人在非法交易这些药品,这可是比拥有管制药品更加严重的违法行为。)


There were several hash pipes, two bongs, a container of no less than 13 ecstasy tablets as well as three grams of speed – quite a lot of party favours for one person, I’m sure you’d agree. (我们找到了一些大麻,两杆烟枪,一盒摇头丸,至少有13颗,另外还有3克的冰毒。作为送给一个人的聚会礼物的话,这些可是太多了。我想您也会同意的。)

Wu: 我只知道那些东西在壁柜里,但是我不知道那些是什么或者说有多少毒品。我室友有次让我和她一起试一试,但是我拒绝了。我记得她听到我拒绝的时候很不爽。她让我别告诉人家东西在那里。[I only knew that they were there in the  cupboard, but didn’t know what they were or how many drugs. My housemate once offered me to try some with her, but I refused. I remember she became a bit agitated when I said no. She told me not to tell anyone they were there.]


第二天她告诉我她当时只是给一个朋友找那些东西。所以我就没再提起了,甚至也没再去想了,直到今天。[The next day she told me she was just looking after them for a friend. So I didn’t mention them again or even give them a second thought… until today.]

Granger: Did you witness your housemate or any other persons use these drugs in your presence, Miss Wu? (吴女士,您是否目睹过您的室友或者别人吸毒?)

Wu: 有啊,我们六个月前有个party,有很多我不认识的人来我们家,有些人在我们后院抽那个玩意儿,但是我没有看到谁用其它那些你提到的东西。[Yes, we had a party about 6 months ago where a lot of people I didn’t know came to the house and some of them smoked that thing in our backyard, but I did not see anybody use the other things you mentioned.]

Granger: So your housemate was supplying the guests with the drugs she kept in the hall cupboard? (所以说您的室友向聚会的客人提供她藏在壁橱里的药品?)

Wu: 我不能肯定,但是我觉得是的。是她提出来让她朋友嗑药的,就是那个时候我注意到他们在传递烟枪。他们让我吸一口,但是我说不要。[I can’t be certain, but I think so. She was the one who suggested to her friends to get high, and that’s when I noticed that bong being passed around. I was offered a smoke, but I said no.]

Granger: I wonder Miss Wu, if you knew about the drugs in the house, why didn’t you phone the police and report them? (既然您知道这些药品在您家里,为什么不报警举报他们呢?)

Wu: 哎哟,说实话,我很怕只是因为和他们住在一起而卷入麻烦。我知道那些是违法的,但是呢,我完全不知道对于有毒品的人会有什么样的惩罚。因为她很凶啊,所以我完全不敢惹她。[Ah, to be honest, I was scared of getting into trouble just for being in the same house with them. I knew they were illegal, but I had no idea what kind of penalty applies to people who have them. I also didn’t want to get her annoyed because she’s quite aggressive.]

Granger: You are doing the right thing, Miss Wu. Furthermore, it is clear to me that you did not have possession of these substances at any time, nor were you involved in the distribution of them. However, your housemate will have quite a bit of explaining to do. (您的做法是正确的,吴女士。而且我也相信您没有持有这些药品,您也没有向他人提供过药品。但是,您的室友可需要好好解释一下了。)

Wu: 我明白。那么现在我被审问了,我会有案底么?[I understand. So will I have a criminal record now that I have been interviewed?]

Granger: In this case, I think a court would see clearly that your involvement was in no way law-breaking. I cannot see how you could be charged with either possession or trafficking, and I will be sure to inform the judge of how helpful you were today in answering all questions related to the matter. (就此案而言,我觉得法官会认识到您与此案的关系并未违法。我不认为您会因持有或交易这些药品而被起诉。我会告诉法官您在此案中回答了所有警方的问题,帮助巨大。)

Wu: 谢谢你啊,警官。我觉得我得开始找新室友了![Thank you officer. Now I guess I had better start looking for a new housemate!]

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