Mandarin-English Dialogue #9 – Concert Tour


This is a phone conversation between Mr Wang, a manager of a Chinese pop artist, and Steven Burke, a secretary at a tour promotions company. Mr Wang wishes to organise a promotional tour for his client’s new album.


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Mandarin-English Dialogue #9 – Concert Tour



Burke: Hello, this is Steven Burke speaking. [ 喂,你好,我是史蒂芬伯克。]

Wang (王先生): 你好,我的名字叫王博,我想跟你们这儿的负责人通话。他认识我的客户萨斯小姐,就是,那个中国板的Lady Gaga,我正在推广她的巡回演出,她要到墨尔本来几个月。[Hi, my name is Wang Bo. I would like to speak to your manager. He knows my client, Miss Sassi. She’s… like the Chinese version version of Lady Gaga. I’m promoting her tour. She would like to come to Melbourne for a couple of months.]

Burke: I see, well I should be able to assist you with any enquiries you have regarding the tour. Could you start by telling me what type of show it is? [我明白了,我应该可以帮您解答关于巡回演出的任何疑问。你可以从告诉我那是一场什么类型的演出开始吗?]

Wang (王先生): 我的客户的表演是一个现场音乐会,由5个乐队组成。我们通常要用一个大的录像频幕,再放上一个豪华的灯光秀。她通常在东南亚的大型场馆中表演。所以我们在墨尔本也想预定一个差不多大小的场馆。[My client’s show is a live music event, with five different bands. We usually use a large video screen and put on an elaborate light show. She is used to playing big arenas in South East Asia, so we would be looking to book a venue of a similar size in Melbourne.]

Burke: Nice. Well what I’ll get you to do is email me the details of your stage set-up so we can choose the right size venue for you. However, as your tour will fall smack bang in the middle of Australia’s festival season, the venue you require may be difficult to book. In which case, would you be happy to play a smaller venue, say a 2,000 seater? [好的。那么我希望您可以通过电子邮件把舞台布置的具体细节发给我,这样一来我们就能为您选择规模恰到好处的地点。但是,由于你们的巡回演出正好赶在澳大利亚的节日庆典期间,你们所需要的场馆可能很难订到。这样的话,你们可以接受在一个小一点的大概有2000个座位的场馆举行吗?]

Wang (王先生): 应该可以的。萨斯小姐在墨尔本的知名度还需要一些宣传。所以我们把这些走秀看作是对新专辑的一次宣传机会,而不仅仅是一个大型舞台表演。[That should be fine. Miss Sassi’s popularity in Melbourne still needs a boost, so we are approaching these shows as more a promotional opportunity for the new album, rather than as an arena spectacular.]

Burke: Excellent. Please send through a copy of the album and any current photos of the artist that you would like to be used on the posters and on our website. Next thing I need to ask is what specifications do you have for her visit to Melbourne? By that I mean, accommodation, transport and any personal requirements that she might have? [太好了。请把专辑和任何你们想用在海报和网站上的艺术家的近照发一份过来。接下来我必须问您的是关于此次她的墨尔本之行你们有什么规格上的要求吗?我的意思是,住宿,交通以及任何她本人可能会提出的要求。]

Wang (王先生): 呃,我需要一个靠近场馆的能住得下26个人的酒店,这26个人当中将有艺术家,她的助理们和管理团队。我们还要4个小巴,但不用专职司机。萨斯小姐还要求能洗个香槟浴,最好能跟她的藏獒一起。不知道在墨尔本有这样的条件吗?[Hmm, well I will need a hotel close to the venue for 26 people, which will include the artist, her entourage and the management. We will also need four mini-buses, but we won’t need a chauffeur. Miss Sassi also requested that she be allowed to take champagne baths at her hotel with her Tibetan mastiff. I don’t know if such a thing could be arranged in Melbourne..?]

Burke: Well, I can certainly ask some of the local hotel managers about that for you, and let you know. Now, will the band require a back-stage rider? We cater for all kinds of requests for the artist’s personal wishes. So does Miss Sassi have any specific requirements during her stay? [好的,我一定会向一些本地酒店的经理咨询到你想要的信息,并且转达给您。那么,乐队有什么特殊要求吗?我们可以迎合所有类型的演员个人愿望的要求。萨斯小姐对于她此次停留有什么特别的要求吗?]

Wang (王先生): 我们需要足够4天用的新鲜水果,和一些糖果来提供给我们这26个人。顺便说一句,萨斯小姐想给她的狗换个口味,试一下袋鼠肉。你们觉得搞得定吗?[We’ll need enough fresh fruit, water, and sweets for all 26 of us over a four day period. By the way, Miss Sassi would like to give her dog something different to eat, maybe kangaroo meat. Do you think you can arrange that?]

Burke: Certainly, Mr Wang. We have successfully met far greater demands from artists in the past. Now, moving on… I can email you a list of venues that are available to book within the month you are planning to visit. The list will include venue capacity, as well as hiring costs. [ 这是当然,王先生。我们之前曾经满足过演员们比之有过之而无不及的要求。现在,让我们继续。我可以通过电子邮件发一份在你们预定行期的一个月内现在仍然可接受预定的地点清单给您。清单中将包括场馆容量和租用费用。 ]

Wang (王先生): 听起来不错。最后一个问题,我能不能通过你们让墨尔本当地报纸给萨斯小姐的这次巡回演出做一个专访呢?[Sounds great. Only one more question. Can I organise through you for Miss Sassi to do an exclusive interview with a local Melbourne newspaper about the tour?]

Burke: We do in fact have direct contact with the music rags here in Melbourne, and I can send them the press release as soon as you email me it. [我们确实和墨尔本当地的一些音乐小报有直接联系。我一收到您的邮件就可以直接把要发布的新闻发给他们。]

Wang (王先生): 好的,谢谢你今天的帮助,那再会了。[Okay, thank you for all your help today. Bye for now.]

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