Mandarin-English Dialogue #3 – Food Poisoning


Mr Smith is a British man working at a branch of a multinational corporation in Beijing. He has suddenly felt dizzy and fatigued, and has come to a nearby hospital. A doctor named Wang is giving him a check-up.


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Mandarin-English Dialogue #3 – Food Poisoning

Dialogue Transcript

Dr Wang (王医生): 下一位!下一位!请问您是史密斯先生吗?[Next, please! Are you Mr Smith?]

Mr Smith: Yes, that’s me. You’re Dr Wang, aren’t you? [是的,我是。你是王医生,对吗?]

Dr Wang (王医生): 对!您简单描述一下您的病情吧,好吗?[That’s right. Please briefly describe your condition for me.]

Mr Smith: Okay let’s see. Well, the weather was really fine today so I decided to go for a walk in the park. [好的,让我想想。对了,今天天气真的很好,所以我决定去公园散散步。]

( … )

Anyway, at first everything seemed fine, but an hour later I started to feel dizzy and lacked the energy to do anything. It wasn’t until I sat down for a bit of a rest, that I gradually began to feel better. [嗯,刚开始好像一切都正常,但是一个小时以后我开始感觉头晕并且没力气做任何事。直到我坐下休息了一会儿以后才慢慢觉得好些了。]

Dr Wang (王医生): 恩,这样吧,我先给您量一下体温和血压好吗?[I see. I’ll check your body temperature and blood pressure now, all right?]

Mr Smith: Oh, okay then doctor. [噢,好的,医生。]

Dr Wang (王医生): 嗯,36.8°,体温很正常。低压80,高压120,也很正常啊。您最近休息得好吗? [Hmm, your temperature is 36.8°, that’s very normal. Your blood pressure is 80 over 120, which is also very normal. Have you been resting well lately?]

Mr Smith: Why yes, I go to bed before ten every night! [嗯,是的,我每天晚上都在10点之前去睡觉。]

Dr Wang (王医生): 恩,很好。最近的工作压力大吗?[Hmm, good. Has work been stressful as of late?]

Mr Smith: It’s been a little more hectic of late. You see, I was recently given a promotion to deputy director of our company, and I will be in charge of a great many more staff. [最近是有一些忙碌。你知道,我最近刚刚被提升为我们公司的副总经理,并且我将要管理更多的员工。]

( … )

Oh, and yesterday my colleagues threw a party for me to celebrate, and I tried a lot of absolutely scrumptious Chinese dishes. [噢,昨天我的同事给我开了一个庆祝晚会,我尝试了很多绝对美味的中国菜。]

Dr Wang (王医生): 呦,那可真要祝贺您了!您都吃了哪些东西啊? [Ah! Then I must congratulate you! What kind of things did you eat?]

Mr Smith: Thank you. I was most taken with the spicy chicken dish and stir-fried tofu. I also tried mushroom, and raw fish – which I had never eaten before – in fact my co-workers had to urge me to try it. When I finally gave in, I found it most delightful. [谢谢。我很喜欢吃辣鸡肉料理和炒豆腐。我还尝试了蘑菇和生鱼,这些都是我之前从来没吃过的。事实上是我的同事怂恿我去尝试的。我最终屈服了,还发现它非常好吃。]

Dr Wang (王医生): 我觉得问题就出现在这里。首先,吃野生动物存在着很大的危险性; 鲜蘑菇一定要确保无毒、干净才可以吃;海鲜也最好不要生吃。[I think this is where the problem started. Eating wild animals is very risky. Firstly, raw mushrooms should be checked to see if they are non-poisonous and clean before eating. As for seafood, it’s best not eaten raw.]

Mr Smith: Oh, I had no idea. During yesterday’s festivities, I tried many dishes I didn’t even know the names for. So from now on, I will be more careful about what I eat. [噢,我不知道。在昨天的庆祝活动上,我尝试了许多我连名字都叫不上来的菜。从现在开始,我将会对要入口的食物更加谨慎。]

Dr Wang (王医生): 对,“吃一堑,长一智”嘛!这样吧,我先给您开一个药方吧。每天早中晚三次,一次三片。一个疗程后就您就会感觉好些了![You can put it down to experience. OK, so I’ll write you out a prescription. Take three tablets a day, morning, noon and night. After one course you should feel much better.]

Mr Smith: Thank you! [谢谢!]

Dr Wang (王医生): 不客气,祝您身体健康![You’re welcome. I wish you good health.]

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    Hey,guys. In the last section, the translation for “每天早中晚三次,一次三片” is a little bit confusing.
    I guess it should be : Take three times everyday, moring, noon and night, take three tablets each time.
    What do you think?

    Thank you for your blog. I find it greatly helpful for my interpreting exam.

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      i agree with you, i did same as you did,

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    Thank you CarlGene for all your work. For beginning students[ chu1xue2zhe3] such as myself the Chinese Reading Assistant may help with the dialogues. Just copy and paste the Mandarin dialogue into the Chinese Reading Assistant and it will give you a word for word translation. Schnahz

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    This is very helpful for my test preparation. May I mentioned that in regards to blood pressure, I believe the readings should be read as 120 over 80 rather than 80 over 120. Correct me if I’m wrong please.

    • CC's Gravatar CC
      16/04/2020 - 8:53 pm | Permalink

      You are right. it’s 120 over 80

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