Mandarin-English Dialogue #2 – Parent-Teacher Meeting


Mrs Zhang, a Mandarin-speaking woman, is visiting the office of Mr Stevens, who teaches her son Andrew maths. Mr Stevens is concerned about Andrew’s grades dropping.


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Mandarin-English Dialogue #2 – Parent-Teacher Meeting

Dialogue Transcript

Mr Stevens: Hi, Mrs Zhang. How’s it going? I’m Mr Stevens, Andrew’s maths teacher. [你好,张女士。你好吗?我是史蒂文斯先生,安德鲁的数学老师。]

Mrs Zhang (张女士): 您好,Stevens先生。实在很抱歉,最近餐馆的生意太忙,上个星期四店里还出了点儿事,需要我来处理,所以拖到今天才和您见面,还请您多多包涵啊![Oh, hello Mr Stevens. Please accept my apologies. The restaurant has been busy of late. Last week we had an incident that needed to be taken care of, so I couldn’t meet you until today. Sorry about that.]

Mr Stevens: That’s quite all right. Please take a seat. [没关系,请坐。]

Mrs Zhang (张女士): 谢谢您啦!诶?这是您太太的照片吗?她长得真漂亮![Thank you. Is that a picture of your wife? She is so pretty.]

Mr Stevens: Yes it is. A pretty redhead, just like the PM. [是的,漂亮的红发,就象我们总理一样。]

Mrs Zhang (张女士): 恩,对了,您这次找我来是关于Andrew的事儿是吗?[Ah, yes. So I take it you wanted to see me about Andrew?]

Mr Stevens: Yes. We are concerned about his behaviour in class. A few times I have caught him napping during algebra and the other day one of the other teachers said they saw him sitting by himself during lunch. [是的。我们比较担心他上课的行为。有好几次我都抓到他在代数课上打盹,还有一天另外一位老师说看见午饭时间他一个人坐着。]

( … )

So have you noticed any major changes in him lately? [你有没有注意到最近他有大的变化?]

Mrs Zhang (张女士): 诶?没有啊!还和以前一样啊!就是上学,到乐队排练,打打冰球,去上中文课,再就是每个星期六去参加表演训练班。[No, I don’t think so. Just the same old routine – school, band practice, ice hockey, Chinese school. On Saturdays he has drama class.]

Mr Stevens: I see. We are concerned that maybe he is not getting enough sleep. Kids at his age need to have their downtime, otherwise they can’t perform well at school when it counts. [我明白了。我们担心他可能睡眠不足。这个年龄的孩子需要时间放松休息,否则关键时候在学校就不能好好表现。]

Mrs Zhang (张女士): 您说的似乎有些道理。我也不知道他到底怎么了。每个星期天我们做完礼拜后,他都会待在家里休息,而且那天我们也不会过分地逼他去排练小号。[Fair enough. I don’t know what’s going on with him. He has a rest on Sundays after church and we try not to push him too much to practice his trumpet on that day.]

Mr Stevens: How about brekkie? Is he having a good meal before he goes to school in the mornings? [早饭呢?早上来校前他都吃的好吗?]

Mrs Zhang (张女士): 对,这个当然啦!每天早晨我都会给他做烤面包和麦片,有的时候也会给他做些煎饼!我觉得最主要的问题是他不善于和别人交流,这个孩子太内向了![Yeah, yeah, of course. We give him toast and cereal, or sometimes I make him pancakes. I think the problem is he finds it hard to communicate with others. He’s so introverted!]

Mr Stevens: Yes, I understand. His grades are also dropping in maths, which is a shame because he used to be at the top of his class. [是的,我明了。他的数学成绩退步很可惜,因为他以前在班上可是名列前茅的。]

Mrs Zhang (张女士): Stevens先生,不要紧!回去我会督促他努力学习。我们还考虑准备给他请一位家教,您有认识的同事推荐一下吗? [Don’t worry, Mr Stevens. I will make sure he works harder. We are even thinking of getting a tutor. Do you have any colleagues you can recommend?]

Mr Stevens: I’m sure admin would be able to help you. They’re just down the hall. [我相信行政部门可以帮到你,办公室就沿着走廊方向过去就是。]

Mrs Zhang (张女士): Stevens先生,真不知道怎么感谢您!我们会尽全力让他尽快恢复状态。同时也祝您和您漂亮的太太复活节快乐![Thank you Mr Stevens, I really appreciate it. I will do my best to make sure Andrew gets his act together. I hope you and your pretty wife have a great Easter.]

Mr Stevens: No worries Mrs Zhang. It was great meeting you and I hope to see you again some time soon. See you. [不客气,张女士。很高兴和你会面,希望很快见到你。再见。]

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